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Give, For You And For Me
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Give, for you and for me

Have you ever heard someone tell you to just "give, it'll be better for you if you just give." We all have heard that, or something similar. Giving is an essential part of a happier lifestyle. What makes giving such a wonderful part of a fulfilling life? Let's take a look and see why.

Have you heard the phrase "Giving is it's own reward."? I'm sure you have heard it a few times in your life. So, what does this mean?

When you get a reward, you are receiving something, be it gratitude, a gift in return, or maybe it's someone else helping you out in some way. But you receive something in return. What this saying means, "'s own reward," this is speaking about the feeling you get from giving, the emotional response that you get when you give to someone.

When we talk about giving, what is it? You can give money, your time, a gift, anything. I don't think anything in particular is better than the other, because all of it is helping someone else out. This is the goal here, to help someone else, to selflessly give of your resources.

If you make it a habit to help, to donate something of yours to someone else, you will without a doubt live a much healthier, more fulfilling life. Things will pop up out of nowhere, people will come into your life that you never expected, and will be doing things in return that you could never have thought possible. You will find opportunities that never would have been available had you selfishly held onto a resource you had.

We were not meant to "hoard." Obviously we can't take possessions with us when we die, and what good does stashing your money in the mattress do anyway? I understand saving for a rainy day, and this is smart. But, you have to seriously think about how you are saving, and how much is really necessary, because hoarding is living in fear, and this is not conducive to a happy life. Stashing money does nothing, where as if you only keep enough to make sure you and your family is safe, and donate, gift, or tithe the rest, the blessing you will receive from this action is tenfold compared to the money just sitting there.

Money is meant to be circulated, it needs to flow. When you are hoarding, you are basically stopping up the pipes, making it impossible for money or good deeds to flow back in your direction.

You can use this same principle in any area of your life. Do you want more love? Love more freely. Do you want more respect or success? Simply gift these attributes out to everyone else. This is a two sided coin, giving and receiving, each working for the same purpose.

However, the spirit in which you give is indeed important. You should never expect anything in return for what you are providing. Doing this nicety in a selfish manner, or only doing this because you will get something in return, is an aweful way to live. Would you want someone giving you something only because of what they might get back? This seems pretty conniving, so it's not how you should go about it.

Just don't put any thought into, just make it a habit, and you will be amazed at what you will be given in return.

Good Luck and Happy Helping,

Street Talk

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