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Gratitude Is Its Own Reward
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Gratitude Is Its Own Reward

Imagine practicing gratitude and being rewarded…just by the good feeling we get by doing them. We all know to say thank you. Some of us even know we should mean it! As we get older we learn to look for things to be thankful for. We have more, share more and notice when others act ungrateful or entitled. Who knew our children would do to us what we did to our parents?

Why Is Gratitude Its Own Reward?

So how can gratitude be its own reward? Don’t we have to keep sucking it up and give thanks even when it looks like there is nothing to be thankful for?

There’s a reason all scriptures tell us to give thanks. Gratitude changes our energy. It literally rewires our brains. Instead of poor me we think wonderful them and the gifts they give us.

We become accustomed to receiving gifts, both literally and spiritually. Receiving is like a muscle we can develop. It’s a state of being we can “feel” into existence. Give thanks for compliments for they are gifts, too, the gift of acknowledgment and admiration. Inevitably, those who practice gratitude are given more for which to be grateful.

How Do We Practice Gratitude Even When We Are Not Grateful?

A state of gratitude may be unrecognizable to us. We may not feel much to be grateful for. Many of us have lost our homes, careers, retirement funds and medical coverage. Our children can’t afford education or find jobs. The world is in turmoil, with wars ongoing and about to break out. Corruption and looting are everywhere, with no one left to believe in.

Gratitude is a lifesaver in times like these. Concentrate on what you have left, not what you have lost. The very worst losses usually have a gift for us. Practice gratitude just like you’d practice the piano or work out with dumbbells.

Gratitude Is A Lifesaver

Give thanks you have insurance if your house burnt down. Give thanks you have beautiful children if your spouse runs off with another. Give thanks you have so much to eat if you are struggling with your weight. Give thanks if you have a job and are able-bodied enough to rebuild your retirement.

Give thanks for your children and know their generation will create new ways of earning livings and transform the present economy. If you are paying high taxes, be grateful you earn enough to pay taxes! Many people today would love to have back that job they hated and a tax bill, too.

Gratitude Is Its Own Reward

There’s another lucky twist on gratitude. Give thanks in advance for that which you wish to receive. Enjoy that feeling of having it and wait for it to come into being. Gratitude will truly be its own reward!

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I love your spirit, Sarah! Through painful trial and error, I've found the best two ways to get out of any funk are (1) counting my blessings and (2) doing something for others. Completely takes me out of my negative space and puts everything in perspective.

  about 8 years ago

I heartily agree with all your ideas. Hopefully, my retirement fund won't run out. Having a house burn down isn't good either. Some people are going through an extremely rough time right now, and I know from personal experience how hard I have to work at gratitude when I am sick. When that happens, I have gratitude for people who love me and for a roof over my head. Being grateful for good things happening in the future is also good, because it keeps us positive. In addition, it means we have hope for our future.

  about 8 years ago
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