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How To Be Better At You
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How to Be Better at You

Guys I am sure there has always been that thought in your mind on "how to be a better person", enjoy life more and live while doing it. Dont worry its 'only human'.

I am going to go over subjects on how you can improve your ways of socialising , becoming that guy that everyone likes and enjoys being around. Think about someone you know who does not have trouble making friends, always looks dressed well and never not socialising. See, if you want to be like someone like that you need consider some simple easy things, then before you know it you could be the next best thing at your workplace or social.

Contagious Confidence

Have you ever heard of the saying confidence is key? Probably not, but it does what it say's on the tin. Becoming more confident is making decisions and showing your not scared of much and people will notice. For example approaching someone new at your local social and showing your who you are, not shy! Being generally confident when it comes to talking, actions and making new friends can change anyone prospective of you because this makes you stand out from the croud, makes you do things you would not normally do and others will see and copy. Its contagious!

Simple easy things to improve your reputation and attractions to the opposite sex are smiling, laughing and being a fun person. what this means is just by smiling when you walk in to busy room shows your a fun person to be around you enjoy things and actually makes you a fun guy. Think about it, if you walked into a room with a face that looks like its been sat on my a sumo, people are going to think he looks fun... (Sarcastically)

How to appeal to your potential

"Smellies, style and strength" are not always necessary but combined with confidence you on to a winner. I do think it is important that you have your own style of clothes that you feel comfortable in and use perfumes as they are not to expensive and smell unique to you. Lets face it girls LOVE a gut who always smells good and whenever they smell that same clone around they are going to be thinking of you. However finding the right perfume can be difficult so take your time looking around to you find your unique one. If you are having trouble still, you need to find an 'idol'. Someone you've seen around or know in person, who you think has good style and fashion. Simply start by taking ideas of them and growing on what you like to so that your not identically copying. When you see beautiful girls and the have caught your eye somehow, how do they do it? Lets find out.


With out a doubt, I can reasure you that all girls take anything from 2 minutes to 30 minutes on there appearance everyday some even longer. Im not saying take a couple of hours on your hair and what your gunna wear in the morning, im saying dont leave the house looking like a 'Shambouls' because people talk and judge your appearance.

Clothes is self explanatory when it comes to cleanliness, ironing and colours. If you havent already got your unique style then consider looking at what some celebraties are wearing and decide what you like the see if you can buy similar items of clothing but not the $$$ ones. Hair and grooming are always a must if you want to improve your image and lets face it, hair growth everywhere is not always classed as 'sexy'.

Women REALLY don't like beards: And they also make men seem older and more aggressive, say psychologists. Says the dailymail.

Features, if you've got good features dont be affraid to show them off its all part of life especially in the summer times.

Hit the gym, if you got the time 2 times a week will increase your looks and before you know it your be laughing at how you feel better, look better and are inside and out. Girls tend to show their legs of and guys is more muscles so its up to you to get some sex appeal because we all love attention.

Items that help

3 way mirrors are extremely useful when it comes to seeing your whole image. These mirrors show every side of your face and back of your head so there's no getting away with looking good. People do not just see your face they see your whole head so make it look good and you will feel good for the day.

Hair wax or hair gel? The 2 seem very similar in terms of what they do and where but they both are completely different in terms of finish. Wax normally is more dry compared to gel which is more of a wet feel to it, due to it being more wet it seems to make your hair look wet especially if you put too much in. Personally I prefer wax as it has a more natural look to it however its not as strong as gel when you want it to be. Try them both.

Toothbrush, mouth wash and dental accessories like floss and gum. Bad breath is in some thoughts one of the worst things and a lot of people suffer from it due to bad gums, rotting teeth and consuming high sugar foods and drinks. It is easily fixed if you keep up with brushing, mouth washing and flossing when you can, keep gum on you just incase. If you have breath like a walrus then people will avoid you which could will bring you down.

Becoming better is not just about pretending to be someone your not, its about improving what you got so you can feel good and enjoy life because you only live once right? We have talked about plenty of things to consider if you want to become a better person and all these things will come with the perks of living life to the full and being healthy also makes you feel good too. I hope this article helped.

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