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How To Be Happy In Life
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How To Be Happy In Life

Are you looking for ways how to be happy? Have you asked yourself at times how can I be happy? Do you feel that there are things stopping your happiness in life? In this article we’ll look at addressing some of the misconceptions about happiness and some of the effective techniques that can be used to make you feel happy.

By the time you finish reading I’m sure you will realise that learning how to be happy is actually really easy!

Happiness Beliefs

Do you have certain criteria of things that have to happen before you find happiness? One of the things I’ve noticed in speaking to the happiest people is that they can access happiness for absolutely no reason at all. They are happy to wake up, happy to take a deep breathe, happy to just be! What restrictions do you put on yourself, that stop you from being happy?

What does happiness mean?

‘Happiness is the state of being happy, and to be happy means to be delighted, pleased or glad, over a particular thing; it is characterized by or indicative of pleasure, contentment or joy.’ Dictionary definition.

Although happiness is something that most of us want, we often give ourselves all of these things that we need to complete first before we allow ourselves this seemingly elusive state.

When I’ve read books and articles about happiness people often make statements like ‘no one can be happy all of the time’ however when we look at the definition and break it down, is consistent constant happiness really something that is difficult? If you think it is, how about if we looked at it from a different angle. If you decided to, do you think it is possible to be pleased about the experiences that you have on a daily basis? Even when thinking about the negative things that happen; if you wanted to, do you think it would be possible that you could learn something from these situations, therefore feeling glad they actually happened as they inspired positive change or action?

‘If you want to’ is the important part of these questions you have a choice as to how you perceive and therefore how you feel about each experience that you have.

Dealing with Depression

I know some of you reading this may be dealing with problems, or difficult situations, or even feelings of depression and that at this time being happy may feel like a journey far from your present reality. But trust me happiness is a smile away.

First of all, did you know it takes more physical and mental effort to be depressed, than to be happy? You use more muscles in your face to frown than you do when you smile. In order to maintain a state of depression, you need to constantly berate yourself internally or out loud, it will help if you speak in a monotone, slouch, lack motivation, refuse to be inspired by anything and have a general negative view about everything. Which is a lot of hard work!

Techniques to assist you

There are a variety of different things that you can do, to help you feel happier. Generally a positive outlook and a willingness to learn from experience will help. A very simple trick is to smile or laugh out loud to cheer yourself up and access happy feelings. When you first do this, it may feel strange, forced or fake but if you keep at it you’ll discover two things. It is very difficult to stay negative when you are laughing and smiling and the ridiculousness of laughing for no reason lightens the load and makes you feel good.

Additional resources

Happiness is truly a state of mind and consistently learning a variety of tools to access this feeling is a worthwhile investment for a fulfilling life. I will be writing a variety of articles about the best resources I use that work for me. Pick out your favourite and let me know, which one works best for you. :-)

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