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How To Worry Less
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Many people worry. They worry about their jobs, their finances, their health, and their family, for example. Students worry about their grades. While worrying is very common, it is counterproductive. It robs people of their energy and makes their hair turn gray. It also makes experiences much less enjoyable and fulfilling. Concerns are very common in both work and school environments. There are better ways to deal with these concerns instead of worrying, however.

Students can ease their worrying by studying more. When students cram, they often stay up late (possibly even all night) in an attempt to master all of the material that will be on a test. It is nearly impossible to learn such a large amount of information in a single night and keep the information straight in one's head long enough to take a test. After pulling an all-nighter, a student is usually so tired that all of the information gets mixed up in his head and makes no sense. He may even fall asleep during the test.

A much better way for a student to relieve his worries about a test is to begin studying for the test early, and study often. If he can master a little bit of the information for the test each day, he will be able to review the information before the test. Since he will not be seeing the information for the first time, it will be familiar to him. His study session should go well, and he should do well on his test.

Similarly, a student can ease the worries of a lengthy paper by starting the paper early. By starting it early, he will be able to write just a little bit of the paper each day, rather than working on it for several hours with no break. By spending just a little bit of time on the paper each day, he should be able to avoid the careless errors that often result when a student has to stay up late in order to get a paper finished in time, such as citation errors, misspelled words, and errors in sentence structure. Instead of turning in a paper that contains many errors, he will turn in a quality paper and will be more likley to get a good grade on it. Students are not the only people who worry, of course.

Employees also worry. They worry about whether they will keep their jobs or if they will be fired and replaced. There is no guarantee that a person will be able to keep his job, of course, so employees will likely continue to worry about where they stand with their employer. However, there are ways for an employee to increase the chances of keeping his job.

First, be on time. You are lucky to have a job, so make it a priority in your life. When you are on time for work, the activities at your workplace will flow smoothly, and your coworkers will be more likely to meet their deadlines. Your own work will also go much better, because you will be calm. Calmness will allow you to focus on your work. In addition to being on time, there are some other things to keep in mind to do better in your job.

Second, have a positive attitude. A bad attitude will bring everyone down and may cause your coworkers to avoid you, while a positive attitude will be very helpful. By having a positive attitude, you may experience some pleasant surprises at work, such as more hours and more opportunities. These good things will further your career.

Third, wear clean clothes to work. Have enough clothing to wear a clean uniform to work each day. By wearing clean clothes to work, you will have a polished, professional appearance, which is necessary to keep your job. You will also smell better, which will help you avoid being terminated over hygiene issues.

Finally, get enough sleep. Adequate rest will make you more energetic, less forgetful, more creative, and more pleasant to be around. Energy is important in the workplace, since it is what allows you to do your work. With little energy, you may have difficulty completing your assigned tasks. With a great deal of energy, on the other hand, you will likely be able to complete your tasks in a short amount of time, allowing you the time to ask for more work.

Whether you are a student or an employee, it is possible to be successful. When you are successful, you will be able to live a good life. You may be able to pursue your dreams. You will also worry less.

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All great points. I am guilty of being a worrier. Am getting better at letting go.

  about 1 decade ago
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