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Bye, Bye Twenty


Twenty sucks.

People always say,

“You are too young to get married.”

“You are too old to not be thinking of your future.”

“You are too young to order a martini.”

“You are too old to order off of the children’s menu.”

“You are too young to have babies.”

“You are too old to play in the bounce houses.”

You are too old, you are too young, you are too BLAH BLAH BLAH.

You people exhaust me.

Twenty has given me the hopes of a marriage, a broken heart, my GPA has dropped, my weight has gone up, I have gone through a short period of depression, my orthodontist told me I need to get braces again (what a nightmare that would be), and I am pretty sure I have shrunk.

Twenty, you REALLY suck!

THANK GOD twenty is over! How depressing was that to read? That was my thought process when I was twenty. I was constantly thinking about all of the negatives. I cried more than I laughed and I frowned more than I smiled.

Never frown more than you smile, it triggers wrinkles.

Today is my half birthday and I am officially twenty and half!

(Half birthdays are something I will never be too old for.)

I have recently blogged about happiness. I have also recently learned that encouraging people to be happy is easy when YOU ARE happy. Unfortunately, or fortunately…I’m not sure which one to use…my blogs about happiness have forced me to find the good in the toughest situations that I have recently experienced. I can’t tell people to be happy while I am sad…that’s not fair to anyone, especially myself.

I used to come across as this optimistic, friendly person, but in all honesty, I was selfish and materialistic.

Admitting this is embarrassing, but sometimes it is good for you to pick on yourself. I have always been all about material things, and I’m not saying that I don’t still enjoy diamonds, shoes, handbags, and more…because I do! I just think that my problem has always been that I cared more about those things than the things that matter the most, such as love, laughter, and kindness.

Here is the bad part…I used to tell my ex-boyfriend a quote from one of my favorite movies,

“A woman in lust wants chocolate, a woman in love wants diamonds.” And then I would follow by saying, “And I sure do love you!”

I just thought I was being sweet by telling him I loved him…good thing I am not twenty anymore…I was selfish back then!

OKAY you guys, I am obviously still twenty, but telling myself that I am no longer in that stage in my life, and that twenty and a half is going to be better, makes me feel good! It is my own way of coping and starting over.

Here’s a challenge. Give your depression, your selfishness, your WHATEVER a deadline and turn that frown upside down because no body has time for faster appearing wrinkles!

I have met my deadline and I am ready for a new beginning.

So, as I sit here and raise a glass of wine…okay, okay… a glass of water, I am toasting to 20.5! Here is to the best half of twenty because the best is ALWAYS yet to come!

As one of my favorite writers once said, “Be grateful. Be generous. Be giddy.”

All right you caught me, that is my quote…but it sure is a good one!



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