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In The Mirror I See, In The Mirror I Look
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What becomes of the next second is what you make of the existing second. This is the essence of life and this is the core to your success and eventual Happiness. Why eventual and not immediate you may well ask? The answer is simple, all things manifest themselves according to your intent. You are the writer of your script and your intent will be based on how you act it. So, when you act well, you will do well. Act hastily and you will reap the misery of heartache, stress and disappointment. Makes sense?

Let us look at it more closely. Let us analyse our day or depending on the time of day let us analyse our previous day. How many of you can safely say that every second of your day was blissful, yes every second of it. Your day is made up of 86,400 seconds, a lot of seconds and because we have access to this time on Earth we often disregard it, perhaps do not appreciate it or commonly abuse it. How many of you today can safely say that every second of your day was managed profitably. You see no matter how you assess your life on Earth you are the writer of your script and as we commonly blame others for our state of affairs we are in fact in charge of our day.

On reflection of your day or the previous day can you safely say that every second that passed you was blissful. It is meant to be blissful for GOD has given us life and the time to expend it. At Universally Friendly we believe that every individual on Earth has an equal right to live to 100 years and during this time ALL humans should live happily and in harmony. How many of you live in a stalemate. Up at 5:00AM and back to bed at 9:00PM to resume another day. What is your purpose, why are you intertwined into a life so stressed and uneventful? Why do you pace the Earth under stress and usually Financial Stress whilst others snug into the eiderdowns of sheer comfort. At Universally Friendly we believe ALL humans have the right to an equal life on planet Earth. We also believe that the Universe is opulent and will cater for ALL.

So when you look into the mirror what do you actually see? Do you see the stress of a person caught into a financial grip of survival or do you see someone that can safely say that their 84,600 seconds has passed them blissfully. I want you to know that you are a very special person in our world and therefore deserve the right to live equally. Universally Friendly strives to achieve this by giving you the opportunity to unleash the happiness within you and to manage your Time on Earth profitably. With love and friendship from Anthony of Universally Friendly.

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