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Is It All Window Dressing
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Is it All Window Dressing

I love Christmas time (except for the cold! Burrr) other than that I am all in. Heck I love the snow as long as it was warm. And of course the windows that are all done up in fantastic pictures of the north pole or families having fun are such a treat to see. So yeah winter is special. Have you ever gotten caught up in the story a window was telling. Maybe in Macy's windows I always think they are some of the best at least where I live. I watch the children's eyes get big and then I wait for it.

Their voices are filled with wonder and excitement and cries of daddy or mommy can I have that are heard and well its a joy. As you know though Christmas comes and goes and the toys that are advertised for both small and big boys and girls have been bought and many left on the way side. The newest remote control car does not work real well. The baby doll's paint did not hold up. What's wore the new chair with the 1000 button panel that will take all your aches away doesn't.

It was all hyped up and put in a window to make you think what you saw was the best thing going. We as humans do that same thing. We put on a show for our friends and family and neighbor. It is unthinkable that they should somehow see the real us. First of all we have pretty much decided they wouldn't like the real us. So we dress ourselves up much like the store front window before we present ourselves.

Some of us are so good that we have multiple facades we wear depending on who we see. Here's what we are trying to forget that the pretty stuff in the window is not hiding the empty or hurting soul. When we hide from the world we make our issue worse not better. Does that mean we should just let it all hang out there and forget every one else?

No that's just another extreme. It does mean that it's time to figure out who you are. Ask yourself what would happen if you admitted you hated eating string beans or you preferred cats to dogs or vise versa. Well the world would not end and you would feel a little better.

Now I know that's a simple thing but its better to start with the small stuff. Small victories make way for bigger one. Thing is you as well as I only have one life to live and it would be a shame to spend it trying so hard to please others that we never please ourselves.

Look around and if you realize that your the last thing on your list then bump yourself up a few notches. Take the pretty but worthless window dressing down and discover you. It will be sound investment.

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