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Motivation Vs Complacency
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The article title may seem like a mouthful but it is actually a fight that we face daily. This simple concept helps to decide where you will end up in the world but more importantly where you will end up in your life. The best way to describe it is to think of your fuel gauge. The closer your gauge is to full the closer you are to having the desire in your life to reach your goals. The closer it is to empty the closer you are to stalling out. Please note that the act of being complacent does not equal failure.

One of the definitions of complacency in com dictionary reads like this. Complacency is self-satisfaction or smug satisfaction with an existing situation or condition. Complacency allows you to live a life with blinders on. I know I have done this for many years. I simply believed that what I had was enough while believing that as long as I continued to do what I was doing I would one day be rewarded. I remember when speaking with my sister she gave me her definition of insanity. She said insanity is doing the same thing over and over again while expecting a different outcome every time. The more I dwell on it the more insanity sounds like motivational complacency to me.

Motivational complacency is a term I use and it simply means being motivated to continue with the status quo of ones life. For a minute lets assume you're a parent. You get up at 6am every day wake your child then start your morning. You get your child off to school and head to work. You work your 8 or 8.5 hours finally leaving to go get your child then head home. You cook dinner, help with homework after which you spend time with your child and get them ready for bed. You notice once again something's not right hoping to avoid sickness you give your child medicine time passes but he or she just gets sicker. Off to the emergency room you go. After hours of waiting both to be seen and waiting after you are initially seen your finally released to go home with a child that is on the mend. Now you face a dilemma, it's 3am and to make your life work you need to be up at 6am. It sure would be nice to sleep in and just take it easy. If you call off you realize that the life you live maybe severely complicated by lack of income. So you opt for an extra hour of sleep get up at 7am. You rush, take your child to your mother's house and slide into work as soon as possible you have just discovered motivational complacency.

What makes motivation different? One of the definitions of motivation in the .com dictionary is the state or condition of being motivated. Sounds almost the same? Maybe but motivation suggest that there is something you want some drive that you have deep inside you to be more than you are now, a desire to accomplish more than the world around you gives you credit for. Think of it like this when you were a baby you saw every one else standing but you could not. As you grew standing became an overwhelming desire you wanted to stand and walk like your parents or your siblings. You never thought to your self oh no I can not do that, in fact failure was not even a thought. Then one day you did it.

You may not remember that day but I remember the day my child stood for the first time. She was in the middle of my king size bed and I was ironing at the end of the bed. I looked up from the ironing board because unusual movement caught my eye and she was standing in the middle of the bed. She had the biggest smile on her face and her eyes were so bright and she laughed in total joy. Then she promptly fell on her backside. That look of joy on her face has always stayed with me. That's the way of motivation it brings to you an absolute joy that makes life worth living no matter what you are going through.

Today take the time to remember your dreams or to dream a new dream. Then take a step in that direction it could be a better job, a better relationship, the start of a relationship, to become a millionaire. Honestly as long as your working towards your dream the quality of your life will be better.

In life you have a choice that's the thing that makes life so great. You can choose complacency a belief that what you have is enough and there is nothing left to strive for or you can choose motivation the belief that continuing to move ahead, that continuing to strive will not only continue to enrich your life but will enrich the lives of those around you.

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