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Plastic Surgery: Good, Bad, Ugly
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Attitudes about plastic surgery have changed. For one thing, more men are having it done. And for another, it's not just for celebrities anymore. Men are undergoing these procedures more now than when plastic surgery began to boom. In 2011 to 2012, the surgical and nonsurgical procedures men received, rose over 100% since 1997.

Let us not forget about the young adults. More teens are getting plastic surgery as well. When I was a teenager I hated my body type, I felt that if I could get plastic surgery, I would be as popular as the beautiful women I saw on TV. I fantasized a lot about getting it done. I knew it wasn't something I could ever consider to be serious. At the time, the plastic surgery was beginning to gain popularity all throughout the world. Young adults, for the most part, were not hip to it. Times have definitely changed.

Plastic surgery will remain here forever. People have an issue with self-acceptance, and with the term "aging graceful" for that matter. With the rise of cosmetic procedures like fillers and Botox, this lets us know how technology has evolved.

In reality, as long as people see plastic surgery as a benefit, it will continue to rise. When it comes to looking younger and correcting flaws, plastic surgery is what people will turn to. Statistics show that cosmetic procedures, including the minimally invasive procedures, as well as the surgical, increased in the last year.

Plastic surgery is not only rising in the U.S. but in foreign countries as well.

Hair-color treatments, Botox, and "makeovers for mommies", proves that there are no limits women go to hold on to their youth. Would you say that these well-needed self-improvements are attempts to look young again? I would say it depends on women being able to accept aging as a natural process, and that it is a vital key to the meaning of the saying, "living life".

Personally, I feel women are pressured about the "world's" standard on how we should look. Some women get plastic surgery because it makes them stay relevant with the younger competition. Others may feel pressured to receive certain procedures due to the high expectations of their loved ones or their "boo", as we like to call it.

The fact of the matter is that, plastic surgery is a self-made decision, and cannot be influenced for other reasons except your own. Personally, I feel like people perceive plastic surgery as a bad thing, when it is not. I feel there is nothing wrong with procedures to enhance your appearance, no matter what age you are. Age should not play a factor when it comes to an individual who feels plastic surgery is needed to enhance ones appearance.

My advice to anyone considering any type of cosmetic procedure, I recommend you check the doctor’s history for past done procedures, and Board Certified License to practice the procedures.

What would say is the best way to find a qualified surgeon?

There are many plastic surgery forums out here guys and gals. Many people who undergo these procedures are excited and willing to share information. Also, we have the awesome technology of the internet, which anyone can search for certified plastic surgeons. Take advantage of all the tools online to search qualified doctors and not someone who is scam artist trying to make money. I hope this article has provided some insight on the issue of plastic surgery being good, bad or ugly.

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