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Seek Out Things That You Love
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Seek Out Things That You Love

Start doing more of the things that you love. This could be listening to music or maybe taking up a hobby that you have been meaning to start, or try picking up an old one from the past. Begin making a list of the things that you love to do. It can be like a bucket list if you like, of the things you would still like to do in your life. When you seek out things that you love then you will increase your overall happiness.

Being happy has a lot to do with the way that you think and feel and behave. There are definitely certain groups of people in the world, that almost seem to emulate the best happy emotions that you could imagine. Being around these kind of people will feel motivating and release happy feelings. Likewise you should probably spend little time with people who are the opposite and on the grouchy side and can barely raise a change, in their facial expression and will give you unhapy emotions.

Lots of things can make you happy and smile if only for a short time.

Certainly if you smile and say nice things to others for example then chances are that it will be returned back to you.

Seeking out the things that you love can make you feel happy

One of the things that I love to do is, listening to old music tracks.

I particularly love the words from a Beatles track. It’s called ‘In My Life’ try and listen to this track. For me the lyrics hold a lot of emotion and meaning. Music can hold a lot of personal memories for all of us. I’m sure that there will be music tracks that you can recall and that you love to listen to

Some things to do that you love, that are relatively free

• Listen to music

• Have a luxury bath, use all these bath products that you have never used.

• Put your feet up, and read a book

• Have a walk and take in the fresh air and be aware of the scenery around you

• Do a jigsaw

• Go and try on really expensive clothes you would not normally be able to buy

• Spend more time with the people that you love

• Test drive a car you love

These are just a few ideas and you can make you own list of things that are not going to have a high financial cost.

Next make a list of things that do have a financial cost but are within your budget

• A weekend away perhaps

• If you love tennis golf or any another sport, you might think about having some coaching lessons

• A pamper day or a spa day

• A special dinner with your partner or friends

• Tickets for a music concert or a show

You only have one life, so love your life, for the life you have

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