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Some Common Pranks
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Pranks are supposed to be harmless fun. One party gets surprised, while the other party has a good laugh. Normally, no one is hurt by pranks, and both parties remain friends and go on with their lives.

One common prank is the senior prank that high school seniors pull shortly before graduation. They might hoist a pair of the principal’s shorts to the top of the flagpole, for example. Assuming that the principal has a sense of humor, he will laugh about this prank. He will then take his shorts down off the flagpole and return to his office and his duties as principal. The seniors will refocus on their goals as seniors, such as getting good grades so that they can graduate and getting their friends to sign their yearbooks. They can then feel better when they and their friends go in different directions after graduation. In addition to the senior prank, there are other harmless pranks that many people know well: the pranks that people play on one another on April Fool’s Day.

On April Fool’s Day, kids might put a fake spider on the kitchen counter. Then, when their mother comes out to the kitchen, sees the spider, and practically jumps out of her skin, they say, “April Fool’s!” These kinds of pranks are fun. They make for a fun day and create many happy memories. A woman should never go through a fake proposal, however.

Many women dream of getting married. They imagine the man that they will marry, and they imagine what married life will be like. They plan for their wedding day, and they dream of where and when their boyfriend will propose to them.

A woman usually has an idea that a proposal is in the works, because she and her boyfriend have been dating for several years, they are deeply in love, they know each other very well, and they have talked about the future. Neither the man nor the woman can imagine spending life without the other. Therefore, it makes sense for the two of them to get married. It is then usually up to the man to plan the time and place for the proposal.

If the man and woman are both college students, and the woman has been working at a student center, for example, the man knows that she has many friends there. He might, therefore, plan to propose to her there. He might talk to her friends and explain to them what he has planned and then suggest to his girlfriend that the two of them go to the student center because everyone there is planning on watching a movie that night. Then, at just the right time, when everyone is present to see the what is about to happen, he will get down on one knee and propose. On the other hand, the man might decide that a more romantic setting is better for his special presentation. Therefore, he might decide to propose somewhere else.

He might decide that a quiet restaurant is a better place for his proposal. If this is what he has in mind, he will invite his girlfriend out for a romantic dinner. They can enjoy quiet conversation in a cozy setting, and then, when the time is right, the man will pop the question.

An important note for the guys out there: if you are going to propose, be sure that you really mean it. Do not propose to impress your friends or to make yourself feel better. Your girlfriend will be deeply hurt. If you do really mean it, however, and you are ready to take on the responsibilities associated with being married, I wish you a happy married life, a wonderful wedding, and a very special proposal that the two of you will always remember.

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