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Success: The Best Kept Secret
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Success: The Best Kept Secret

Go For Life

“Everything you'll ever need to know is within you; the secrets of the universe are imprinted on the cells of your body.” Dan Millman

We have to get out of our comfort zones if we want the best from ourselves, and success is all about being your personal best. You may have read the books about great secrets to success locked away; I’m not going to give you six pages of downright “Bull”. For me, there is one secret, an exercise I learned training as a life coach -- The Wheel of Life. To me, this is like a great secret, something we all should know and use from time to time. In life coaching, the process of using the wheel of life is called the discovery stage. Discovering and moving towards what is truly worthwhile to you is the most challenging and rewarding part of success.

The Wheel of Life is so powerful. I have introduced this to many friends and business acquaintances over the last few years and most tell me they still use this on a regular basis. Sometimes people tell me “my friend’s life is a mess” often meaning my life is a mess. I introduce the wheel of life tool explain what is required I ask this friend to do it with me. I see their eyes light up when they get a picture of their life.

Once the wheel of life exercise is complete one prepares to go forward, to set a life goal and to design a plan to achieve this and other goals. There are daily assignments and discussions to help change negative attitudes.

Discover the benefits to doing The Wheel of Life by reading the eBook. Please take time to understand this tool and learn to use it. This is a very simple process with powerful results. The reason for doing the wheel of life exercise is to help you focus on where you are today, to help you see at a glance the areas of your life you are satisfied with and the areas of my life you need to work on. This is like an instant snapshot of where you are in your life today.

The wheel of lifeis brilliant for anyone who wants to help themselves. Who can object to something worthwhile ?

Way forward…..

When I don’t know what to do, I go with the artist strategy. Dip the brush into paint and dab it on a blank canvas, follow with a stroke, then another and before long…. I put pen to paper, drew a circle; a wheel, a brilliant coaching tool. I discovered the best material was deep inside my head, this process, this way forward .

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