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The Haves Vs The Have Nots, Who’s Winning In Your Life?
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The Haves Vs The Have Nots, Who’s Winning In Your Life?

The true secret to happiness is having an attitude of gratitude for where you are right now in life.

We spend far too much time in our lives saying “I am going to be happy when I (fill in the blank)”. We all have been guilty of the practice of thinking material things in our lives will make us happy.

The truth is, to be brutally honest you will never find happiness with that attitude. It is only when we stop to realize that happiness is in our own back yard. Happiness is in the moment, not in the getting or doing of more things.

You have to start being appreciative of that spouse or loved one now, not when they change their behavior. You have to be appreciative of that job now, and then the raise will come. The secret is to start loving life where you are in the moment. Don’t wait for things to change, because you will always be waiting.

Russell Cromwell wrote a famous book called “Acres of Diamonds” and the message is very similar. The man went looking for diamonds and wealth only to realize his house was sitting on a goldmine, the whole time in his own backyard.

This story sounds like us a lot of the time. We are kind of like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz. It’s not until we get back to our home that we realize this is what we have been looking for the whole time.

We are going through a terrible phase in this great country of ours. We have been fed a bill of goods and the cost is going to be very high for the majority of people. We must start to be content with what we have and then and only then will we be fit and ready to receive more of the blessings in our lives.

Today’s take-away message is simple. Start being grateful for what you do have, and stop worrying about what you don’t have. Instead, love the life you have, and appreciate the family God gave you. I know they are not perfect, and heck, for that matter neither you nor I will ever be perfect either. Today, start to put into practice the “Attitude of Gratitude” and see if your life and world does change for the better. Now go out and have an awesome day.

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