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The Modern Day Trilogy - The Answers To ALL Our Questions
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The Modern Day Trilogy consisting of three carefully written books offers an illustrious solution to problems we face daily. We admittedly live in a world that is devastatingly destroyed through the sabre of Human GREED. The real question to ask is what will become of us, of our children or their children if we cannot take action right away. Yes, action the five letter word of sheer strength should be our model to move forward positively and to test its feasibility we need to set the ball in motion right away, collectively or individually. We can make a change! I know it, because I started making an individual change 17 years ago when I needed to move forward positively and to set my ball in motion. The Modern Day Trilogy is a set of instructions that I carefully followed and this as given me direction along the rugged road ahead.

Today, 17 years later I am moving forward collectively by making new friends all over the world, getting them to understand the perils of our planet and to show them the tools to implement in order to get our planet back into shape. A tall order but not an impossible feat. My name is Anthony, I am 52 years of age and I live in the United Kingdom. I am the founder of Universally Friendly, a circle of newly founded friends all around the world that care, share and remain fair. As Universal Friends we all have a common ground and that is to achieve a healthy planet and a healthy YOU. Look around you, listen to the news, watch the TV, feel the tension, listen attentively to people unhappy or smell the cruelty and you shall see openly how unhealthy our planet and ourselves are. We cannot hide from it. The torrent of life has been with us since the beginning. Is it getting worse or is it the same? In order to see an effective change we need earnestly to make an individual change.

To me life as always been the same but the purpose of each species of life has changed according to natures requirement. When you observe the diversity of life you will notice a multitude of different species of flora or fauna, but the real question is why so many? There are so many because each species of life is moulded into a role that nature decrees. Take away that role and you then remove that species from the chemistry of life. Can the penguin feast on a seal or can the crocodile live on honey?

All creatures no matter how big or small have a fundamental purpose in life and that purpose is to work in harmony or in collaboration with other species to help maintain and sustain the Earth's vital gases without which the multitude of life all over the Earth and in other galaxies cannot be possible. From all corners of the world different species of life work laboriously to make possible life the way it appears to us. We cannot acknowledge this because we perceive things differently, we have become selfish over the years and as each year passes we forget our own real roles in life! Like species of life on Earth we too need to work in harmony with each other. The Modern Day Trilogy reminds us of this.

I often pondered on the thought, what will happen to us if the world became barren and void of ALL life? Yes, what is life without life itself? All forms of life take their precedence because their action is needed straight away. The Modern Day Trilogy aims to answers all questions that leaves people in a confused state. Our presence on this planet is for a specific role, and we are only here because nature required us to be here during this time.

Read The Modern Day Trilogy and gain the mastery of your presence on planet Earth.

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