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The Power Of Conforming
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The Power Of Conforming

Dear Friends, welcome to you and thank you once again for finding the time to read this article. It is written with you in mind because you are the most important person. Important because you are human and important because as a human being you care, you share and you remain fair. To be humane is to expound the avenues of appreciating life in it all its glory.

Everyday holds a cloud of doubt but beyond the clouds is the brightness of the day. We see clouds so clearly but we fail to see beyond the cumulus. When it rains we are drenched in renewed life. Sometimes we may complain there is too much of rain or sometimes we complain because there is too little of it.

To live in conformation is to adhere to 9 special words that are designed to code you genetically to do well and to do greatness on the face of the Earth and to do justice amongst all. These words are as follows: Care, Share, Fairness, Love, Appreciation, Prayers, Living, Humanity and selflessness. Yes, Dear Friends these words you know their meaning well and use you use them liberally in your daily activities but their meaning is more profound and conforming.

To care in the administration of our planet is by far the greatest virtue of all human beings. Without caring we show other signs of acute discourse. There is neglect and there is waste. To share on the other hand is give alms openly and not seek glorification. Sharing is a humane process but lacks a great deal in modern society.

To be fair is in aspects of life is a joy and privilege to undertake, for fairness is the greatest admiration that one can be credited for. The fairness of one human being to another may go by unnoticed but the resultant effect is amazing. To love is equally amazing for you cannot walk the streets and not love another human being, an animal, a plant, the road, the street, the street furnishing, the landscape and the sky.

To appreciate is a cluster of good behavioural standards that lacks in so many avenues of society. Appreciation is a value that all humans should possess but hardly express. To pray is not just a religious pious but rather a meditated state instead where an individual makes his or her mind into the value of existence.

To enjoy the benefits of life is to live it to its fullest that is from day one to 100 years. Yes, 100 years. Don't settle for a second lesser, a second more would be equally great. Yes, Dear Friends we are indeed centurions and we sometimes ignore this vital span of life.

To be humane is to act humanly possible each day by harbouring a nest of values and good deeds and to exercise them in an unselfish way. This accrues the concept of selflessness. Selflessness is an altruistic approach to life whereupon the harmony of all living creatures is taken into consideration. Every speckle of joy, every grain of sand and every atom is accountable. Selflessness caters for these abundances and makes life a continuance process.

This concludes this article but should open a new dimension into life itself. To be genetically encoded with the right virtues of life is like starting all over again. It is like being born again and like living a new dream in a new vestibule into the diversity of life itself.

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