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Garage sale can make you think. Today my daughter and son- set up a garage sales and as I sat to watch, the thought came to mind that this country was founded by people that took an idea and prospered from it by their willingness to see things in a new way, a new perspective. It wasn't ok to just take a small step forward it became a giant step forward and they took the attitude that for them failure was not an option.


I think we can all learn a lesson from history, "the question is have we" as I look around our great nation I am encouraged by what I see when it comes to moving forward. I know that there will always be those who want to create problems in the world and many times there is success in this for those with bad intent. However we the people have a lot of faith. We really believed that our good government men have our best interest in mind.

I think by now many of us have come to the realization that even if there was no bad intent to begin with,we find ourselves in a situation that is less then what we had expected from the men and woman who we put in charged in Washington. I feel that we as a nation have lost our way, "until now"

New Energy Forming

A new energy has now taken form and this is an energy taking form that is changing the way we think. We are becoming more and more aware of the importance to stay connected to one another in the form of uniting as a nation and a world. It is no longer ok to think that other nations other then ours is less important. It is our own ignorance that leads us to believe that other nations our different keeping us in the state of ignorance.

It's our pleasure and our gift to be in the state of happiness and giving that positive energy to others as we do to ourselves.

One thing we can do for ourselves and others at the same time is learn how to teach by example.

As we take on the attitude that the whole world is on our side we will create the frequency and the vibration that unites us as a whole. Of course the more people that think like that the faster will be the experience.

Shaking Things Up

One way to get the ball rolling in the direction to shake up things is to put yourself in a position of strength by training your self to think move and act like you've already accomplished it. This will allow you to attract the next best thing that is right for you right now!


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