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A 3d Printer Gun Is Potentially Deadly, How Dangerous Are 3d Printed Guns?
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A 3d Printer Gun is Potentially Deadly, How Dangerous Are 3d Printed Guns?

Guns can be dangerous. Guns that you can print at home can be deadly because you don't need a license for them, and since they are made of plastic they are easy to get through metal detectors. A 3d printer gun can Kill you just the same as a real gun. How dangerous are 3D printed guns? Just as dangerous as the real ones. The 3d gun models you'll find online can only kill 3d people, so go crazy with them!

But you might be wondering what a 3d printer gun has to do with 3d models and props. A lot! Think about what a 3d printer can do. Did you know that they have desktop 3d printers?

This means now you can manufacture things like guns at home in your office. Anything goes. Soon you will have the power to create exactly what you want, or need right in your home, in your moment of need. The same goes with the free 3d figuers you can download. With morphs these figures can create any figure you want to fit any 3d animation or illustration project you can dream of.

Desktop 3d printers are about to open the same door of endless possibilities that the cyber 3d world has offered for years, but in true living 3d space, not just in cyber reality.

It's mind bending, but at the same time frightening because now you can make a working gun in real time at home, without registering it! Ouch! Not such a good idea... .

Alas, 3d printable weapons are already becoming a concern as the Australian police. Since CAD plans for a printable gun were being downloaded from the internet, they put out a public warning video. They consider it a threat to worldwide security! Wow!

Apparently the police in Australian have already strongly expressed the dangers of 3D printable guns.

He basically tells people to stay away from downloading the gun plans called the: "Liberator."

I understand that the public needs to be warned, but honestly, until this announcement I didn't even know something like this can be down. Now a lot of people will be actively looking for printable gun designs to download.

The Australian police actually went out and got a 3D printer, printed the guns, which only costed them about $35 to make. That's cheap! That's the scary thing, not that criminals always need to save money, but at that price anyone can make a gun.

Now sometimes these guns work, sometimes they do not, and actually fall apart, which is dangerous in its self. The bullets shot from a 3d printer gun can penetrate deep enough to kill any human.

The lack of standards through printing 3d guns can lead to serious failure. They are dangerously undetectable and untraceable: no serial numbers, no unique identifiers. They are cheap and easy to make. You could probably melt them down after committing a crime with one: super bad news for law enforcement. On the other hand, the US military wants to use this technology to use 3d printers to make weapons on the fly!

Thank god that the plans for ‘The Liberator’ pistol have been taken off the net through the wishes of the US Department of Homeland Security; but it's a bit too late as already the plans have been downloaded 100,000 times.

On the other hand, a large percentage of the America population already has an average of 4 guns, which work far more effectively than ones made in a printer. Should the US be concerned? Of course, what if terrorists want to use this technology? Very bad indeed!

My point is that as much as there is potential danger with 3d printable objects, there is even more benefits for the human race.


Example: lifesaving blood vessels and organs can be printed out, or the benefit of printing out exactly the product you need to save the day, weather that 3d printable product is a tool, a clothing item, even a chocolate bar, or a life saving gun??

Like with the flexible 3d models that are empowering people to create whatever they want or need, so too are we about to embark on personl manufacturing at home with 3d printers, like the 3d printer gun. No longer will we be held at the mercy of corporations and marketing company's that try and ram the same crappy products down our throats, products we don't need.

We are the people, and the Internet, and new desktop 3d printing technology is giving us ever more personal power to decide our own future. I just pray that people will not be foolish and use a 3d printer gun to ruin that bright future. My suggestion: stick with 3d gun models as they can only kill boredom!

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