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Kindle Fire: Not And Ipad Killer!
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Kindle Fire: Not And Ipad Killer!

Alot of talk has been going around the internet recently about the new eReader tablets, but are they really up to par with the PC tablet giant iPad? Ive done my research and found that companies like Amazon and Barnes and Noble designed their versions of the tablet not to be a contender with an iPad.

With this past Black Friday sale many consumers bought the Kindle Fire hoping that it would be similar to the iPad. After reading some reviews some people are greatly disappointed with the Kindle Fire because they expect it to have features like a regular tablet would have. For example: Camera, extra storage capabilities, and etc.

Amazon's Intent

Amazon states that the reason why the Kindle Fire device is priced so low is that they hope to make up for it in their content sales through the device. They are actually down selling the Kindle Fire and hope that consumers will buy their movies, books, videos, and applications through the Amazon store which is why the device was made for consumption.

eReader or Tablet PC?

Its important not to get these two devices mixed up because you will be greatly disappointed. An eReader is a device designed to replace the physical form of the book and its purpose is also to get the books faster to the reader. On the other hand the Tablet PC device is designed so that youll be able to have a more portable device than your laptop. With the Kindle Fire just being released these two devices have sort of fused into one genre of a tablet. Amazon's Kindle Fire now allows you to check your emails, browse the web, and do tasks similar to what most tablet PCs can do now.

Not an iPad Killer

Most people should change their views on what the Kindle Fire is expected to do. Its not an iPad killer but more of a more affordable alternative. The Kindle Fire is great for people who shop regularly and get their content through the Amazon store which was the whole point in the company making the Kindle Fire device. Yes, the Kindle fire now has a touch screen and a full color screen just like the iPad, but it wont be as functional and compatible compared to it.

The Kindle Fire only comes with 8GB of internal storage with no options to upgrade or insert a memory card into the device. And although is has a dual core processor like the iPad, its not as fast as the processor in the iPad.

So dont get it wrong folks, the Kindle Fire is an eReader device not a Tablet PC. Its great for watching movies, reading magazines, books, and catered for content purchased through Amazon. If your looking for a Tablet PC that will grant you full access and you mostly have your content through your desktop computer the iPad will be more suited for you.

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