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Razer Blackwidow: How Its Taking Over The Mechanical Keyboard World
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Razer Blackwidow: How Its Taking Over the Mechanical Keyboard World

What is the Razer Blackwidow you say?

Razer Blackwidow is a keyboard made for gamers by gamers said by Razer and they live up to this motto ever since they starting coming out with gaming peripherals.With its mechanical build and overall functionality the keyboard is priced at $80 standard price (basic version) and $130 for the ultimate edition. Although this may seem a bit pricey for just a keyboard it comes with many features and makes it worth every dollar. Just like higher priced performance cars, this is a higher priced performance keyboard.

Ins and Outs of the Blackwidow

This keyboard comes with an all black design and the mechanical build makes the feedback of the keyboard very like-able. Wont it make alot of noise then? Most people might disagree when I say its like music to my ears when I hear the clicking and clanking of the keyboard when I type, however I think that most people wont find this a big problem with the keyboard as the sound it produces is similar to the barely audible clicking noise that a mouse makes.

After a month of using this keyboard it has helped me improve my overall speed in typing and most importantly my gaming. Although most first person shooters wont require a high end keyboard like the Razer Blackwidow, I highly recommend people that play games like starcraft and even program coders who spend hours and hours a day writing code. They layout of the keys is a bit different than most traditional keyboards so it will take some time getting used to and Its just like riding a bike after that.

Even for the skilled typing enthusiast out there that can whack out over 100 words per minute when typing. The Blackwidow has a response rate of 1ms so every keystroke will be picked up no mater how fast your going.

Its late night and you don't want to disturb your roommate? No problem. The ultimate keyboard comes with full back-lighting so you can spend your time gaming in the dark, or you can finish the last strings of code for your program no matter how late it is. The back-light feature is only available in the ultimate keyboard however the basic doesn't lack any of the other features in terms of response rate and functionality.

The Blackwidow Razer didnt stop there. They went an extra mile and made sure that this keyboard came with a braided cable for extra durability and strength. Ever had to replace your mice or headphones because of the wear and tear on your wires? Let the Razer Blackwidow put you at ease.

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