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The Razer Blackwidow Ultimate: Be A Better Sc2 Player
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Many gamers out there have seen the countless gaming peripherals that are coming out saying that they are specifically made for them. Companies such as Steel Series and Razer have risen to the top of manufacturing these products. But how do I choose the right one and how can it help me in my game performance? With the Blackwidow Ultimate it can help you become a better Sc2 player believe it or not.

Many say that the higher end keyboard is a waste of money and that it wont increase your performance in games. But is that really true? In this article well go through an in-depth analysis of the Razer Blackwidow Ultimate keyboard and find out if it really can increase your performance.

But First here are the specifications of the Blackwidow Ultimate:

Okay so now that we know the specifications of the keyboard, I did a few tests comparing the Blackwidow Ultimate keyboard to a 30 dollar Logitech keyboard. The two criteria that I looked for when comparing the two was, APM (actions per minute) and comfort during long game-play. I did this by playing a few matches using my Blackwidow Ultimate and a few on my regular Logitech Keyboard. My average APM is around 70 so well use that as a base number to compare to.

After playing with both keyboards, I found out that there was a difference in my APM and comfort while using the Blackwidow Ultimate instead of my Logitech keyboard. My average APM went up about to 85. Even though this is only a 15 APM difference this separates the good players from the awsome players. The Blackwidow Ultimate also felt better to play starcraft 2 with and was easier on my fingers because of its tactile feedback. I felt like it gave me more control than the Logitech keyboard and noticed a huge difference in feel when moving from the logitech to the Blackwidow Ultimate.

While using the Logitech keyboard the keys had a "weak" feeling to them and felt like I had to make an extra effort to actually lift my fingers off the keys during a keystroke while the Blackwidow Ultimate made typing keystrokes a breeze.

So the people that say buying a higher end keyboard is a waste of money is totally untrue. I say that its worth every penny. With the extra features that the Blackwidow Ultimate has (backlighting, extra ports, etc), you can truly benefit from having this keyboard in your arsenal while playing Sc2.

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