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The Tablet Frenzy
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The Tablet Frenzy

With all the hype on “Tablet computers”, we barely know what it is. This revolutionary gadget is believed to give computers the much needed breakthrough. The ideal conception of a tablet is that it is a smaller and a more handier version of a personal computer. Some operate with a touch screen, with light finger touches as the operating criteria. Some others can be operated with a pen, and can be treated as a notebook. A tablet should fit in between a laptop and a phone. With so many companies releasing new lines of products, the buyers are confused in choosing the best of the best tablet.

In the 1990’s, Microsoft, in a coalition with others, introduced the first tablet PCs. It operated, not with a touch screen, but with a stylus. Though they were popular among the best in the corporate world, they did not have the expected reception. Many companies hesitated to invest n this new invention.

The Tablet Frenzy:

Now, there is an unexplained frenzy over Tablets.

  • The prime contributing factor is the sudden popularity of the Apple iPhones. iPhones showed the world the efficacy and utility of a touch screen.
  • The next factor is the recession. The recession drastically increased the cost of the desktops. Sales level of Desktops was drastically down. Tablets which were more cost-efficient soon replaced the Desktops.

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With everything becoming smart, so have the tablets. Tablets operate with Apple’s iOS or with Google’s Android. Windows OS is also a people’s favorite. In 2010, with the huge success of the touch screen phones and tablets, Apple, in a creative method, launched the iPad, which was a runaway success. It sold nearly 19 million units in the first year. By 2012, iPad sales had sky-rocketed to a whopping 120 million units. I had managed to generate revenue of more than 50 billion US dollars in revenue. The tablet industry was revived again by the iPad. HP, Samsung and RIM also started their tablet production. In 2011, September, Amazon tried its hand in the smart world with their new tablet. Thanks to the people-friendly price, the Amazon Kindle has been a huge success in the marketplace.


Around 30 out of a 100 households in the U.S own at least one tablet. And by 2014, tablet user-ship is believed to rise up to 48 percent in the U.S. Around 70 percent more pages are viewed with a tablet than with a smart phone. 68 percent of U.S tablet owners use their tablets while watching TV to search the web. Female iPad owners spend 15 hours and 5 minutes per month on mobile apps, while males spent around 2 hours 41 minutes less on Apps. More tablets will be shipped by 2015, compared to the laptops and desktops. The most famous vacation posts have been made by tablet owners.

When your phones have several generations and your iPods have several generations, be prepared for the Tablet Generation. You might purchase the best tablet now, but know that it will get out-dated in a few months. Look forward to the next ‘next’.

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