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The White Box - Benefits Of Making Your Own Personal Computer
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A white box is simply put a hand made computer. Where the individual buys all the computer parts such as the video card, CPU, motherboard, ram, power supply etc. to make his or her own computer. This is seen as a hobby, where people customize it completely to their own specifications. People can make their white box to play game on ultra settings, to encode/decode video or music files, or to simply work. You might be thinking, there is Dell, Acer, Alienware, Northwest etc. You can just buy a prebuilt computer to your own specifications. But you have to ask your self, is it fun? Will that computer that you bought from those companies reflect your own personal style? Or how sure will be of that computer meeting all your standards? Your not, that is because you did not build it, you were not a part of its making, you just made a few simple decisions, and put in your credit card details. Voila, a computer arrives at your doorstep, a computer so foreign, yet exciting. But that novelty and excitement only lasts for a short while. This is why, making your own computer, having a white box is much more exciting, where you constantly upgrade your white box, where you learn about computer parts and you will be able to truly call it your own.

When you get your white box, you are opened to tons of possibilities, where you can put anything to everything in that box. Once you have everything in your white box, you are satisfied. However over time things change, technology advances quickly, therefore one benefit of having a white box is that you know exactly you have in that box. You will be able change, and upgrade anything and everything you want, again you are open to all those possibilities. It’s like having a canvas that you can paint on, and over time you can paint over it and make the image look better.

Whenever you make, or buy something, we always research every little bit of the product. When you have a white box, you research every little piece that goes into it. You get to understand what goes into the computer, and how it all works and how you can make it better. To some it can seem interesting, to others it can seem intense. However, you will be sure of what you get, and you will be sure of how it will work, and most importantly is that you will be sure of how to make it better. That is because you researched the video cards, the CPUs, the motherboards, etc. You have become an expert in all parts that involve computers, and you will be able to make better and smarter decisions when you make or buy a computer.

A white box will cost you a lot less relatively compared to buy one that is already done and finished. That is because the computer manufacturers might be sneaky and slip in parts that are not up to the standards that might not be as quality compared to their counterparts on the market. Therefore, if you get a white box that is full of parts from shops, than you can be sure that it will last you for years, or until you decide to upgrade it.

There you go, whenever you get a white box you are blessed with cheaper costs, with better quality, with more customization and with more knowledge. All these are extremely beneficial and can be extremely useful. A computer should not just be a piece of computer in your house, it should be something that you are proud of, a piece of art, art that you can call your own.

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H Terrell  

I never thought about building my own computer until Now.

  about 9 years ago
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