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What Is A Cpu - Central Processing Unit?
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Attempt to imagine a computer without the capacity to calculate processes, the inability to react to any input or make any progress whatsoever. What would you have? It would just simply be a box with some circuitry and components inside.

You need something to make the computer think. Something to make the computer’s fans spin when you push the power button. Something to make the computer boot up when you tell it, “on”. This something you need is called a Central Processing Unit (CPU)

The Brain The easiest way to think of a CPU is to compare it to a brain. Not the memory portion of the brain. But the ability to open your eyes, move your fingertips or interpret reality from imagination. Okay, maybe the computer does not have the ability to think for itself, but it needs logic. It is artificial intelligence after all.

The logic stems from the CPU. The CPU is basically a chip that contains circuitry and pins to connect to the motherboard. The motherboard has a specific slot just for the CPU to rest in. There is software stored onto the CPU that tells it how to perform these functions and when to use these functions. Now, where did this miraculous idea stem from?

Beginning to Think Intel created the first CPU. Intel was contracted to create a custom chip for a desktop calculator, and since they have done this before, they wanted to create one that was more efficient, more multi-purpose that could utilized more than once in several applications all at once.

And thus the 4-bit Intel 4004 was born. It was not necessarily the first processor, as it never powered any computer, since the microcomputer was not yet invented. The Intel 4004 powered simpler machines.

The much more successful 8-bit Intel 8080 was the first processor to power microcomputers. And because of this successful micro-processor, all modern PCs use the descendants of the 8080 in their CPU’s.

The Term Cache Cache is a small amount of extremely fast memory that is situated on the CPU. Cache reduces the average time to access memory. It’s a smaller, faster memory that stores copies of data from most frequently used memory locations.

Whenever the processor has to read from or write to a location, its first location to check is within its cache, to see if there’s a copy of data in there. And if there is, the processor can immediately read from or write to the cache. It just makes things move a lot quicker.

The Term Clock Rate Clock Rate is a term that will often be used when discussing CPU’s, as overclockers, people who want to increase the speed of their processors, will want to increase their clock rate. Basically clock rate is the speed at which a microprocessor can execute its instructions. So, the higher the clock rate, the faster the CPU processes instructions.

The Cores When CPU’s were born, they utilized only one core. Now, we have dual-core processors, quad-core processors and even hexa-core processors. The advantage of having many-cores in a processor is so that the CPU will execute faster.

Multiple CPU cores allows cache coherency (consistency of data stored in local caches of shared resources) to operate a much higher-clock-rate than possible if the processor just had a single core.

What type of CPU When deciding on a particular CPU, it comes down to two decisions: Intel, or AMD? Intel was founded in 1968 and AMD was founded just a year later. It is a game of constant competition. There is arguably little difference in the competing processors that either of these companies create.

They design them to be faster and more intelligent with each make, but the pricing is very similar and is all about preference. They have their own individual unique names, but chances are, there will not be much notice of difference when comparing two alike processors side by side, even though they have benchmarking websites that graph out the exact speed of the processors.

All About Speed All these clock-rate, multi-core, cache-coherent processors are simply about speed. The more of these you can store into these tiny chips that lay on top of the motherboard, the more quickly the computer will operate. The question is, how fast do you need to go?

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