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Know More About The Symptoms Of Abdominal Migraines
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Is your 8 year kid always complaining about stomach aches? Is she turning pale and losing interest in school? The symptoms of abdominal migraines are very much similar to these. Never heard of abdominal migraines – here is a brief insight for you to identify these unknown symptoms of abdominal migraines. Usually children of age group 5 to 10 years get affected by this ailment and this is one of the reasons that most of symptoms are unidentified. Your kid at this tender age may not be able to express it properly and symptoms are the only means of indentifying this disease. The children growing up with this problem later develop classic migraine; where the pain is more confined to one side o the head. Earlier stages of abdominal migraine result in sharp pain at the centre of the abdomen which is between breast and the pubic bones.

The major symptoms of abdominal migraine are:

  • Vomiting – Your child may be throwing up and this may seem like normal indigestion but, it is better not to ignore it.
  • Pallor – The face turns pale and the child appears dull and looses glow from face.
  • Acute, severe and midline abdominal pain – The pain may vary from severe to bearable but, even the slightest abdominal pain should not be ignored.
  • Nausea – Giddiness or blackouts are some of the other symptoms which, may be with vomiting sensation.
  • Inability to eat – Lose of appetite is one of the major symptoms of abdominal migraines.
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  • Headache – Do not ignore if, your kid complains of headache (acute or severe) under seven year of age.
  • Personality change – Change in the behavior is another symptom of abdominal migraine.
  • Seizure and blackouts – Physical convulsions and problems like blackout is another major point of concern.
  • Growth and development problem – If, your child faces problem in any kind of physical or mental development then; this is could be because of abdominal migraine.

Your child may or may not be complaining of recurring abdominal pain; never ignore it as, the attack may occur frequently. The pain usually reoccurs every 1 to 72 hours and may last from shorter span to longer span. You can only know about the right symptoms of Abdominal Migraines by observing your kid’s behavior and personality change.

Migraine pains are usually preceded by an ‘aura’ which would actually give the sensation that the sufferer would have another abdominal attack. This aura depends on individual and may or may not give any warning signs. Your child may feel restless and anxious before getting the abdominal migraine pain.

Another study tells that the female child is more prone than the male child to abdominal migraines. It is also, important to observe the hereditary pattern of the family which may help in ascertaining the possibility of the child getting this issue. Your child needs immediate paediatric care so, don’t wait for any more reasons as, you surely don’t want your kid to suffer longer.

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