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I sat at my desk, going back a few years, and all of a sudden I noticed I had minimal sight from my right eye. Naturally, I started to panic, not knowing what was happening to my eyesight. I ran to the bathroom and washed my eyes, this is when I noticed when I closed my eyes, I had a zig zag bright light (flashing lights) in my vision. Within 15 minutes, the flashing lights disappeared. The aftermath brought on a slight headache but nothing serious to the extent of a migraine.

Seeing a Doctor

I made an appointed with the Eye Specialist who then confirmed the name of these migraines. Ocular Migraines, migraines without pain. I continuously got attacks of these Ocular Migraines, it was depressing me more than most as I couldn't drive while having one. Anxiety also sets in as some last longer than others. Normally they can last from 15minutes to 45 minutes and you can have an attack where they affect both eyes.

What causes these?

Medical Science has not pinpointed the cause of these but they link them to foods, stress , dehydration, lack of sleep and the use of certain medications. Over the years, I have done a bit of research about OM's and noticed that we all experience the same 'flashing light' effect but the aftermath is where the difference comes in. Some people have noted that they get numbness, do get a slight headache, dizziness sets in or vertigo, fatigue.

I started to take note of my diet and every time I had an attack, I noticed I was dehydrated. I then started drinking 2 litres of water a day and the attacks got less. Usually I got one a month. I went 9 months without having one, while I was pregnant, the longest time I lived without an OM. I put pen to paper and made a list of my daily diet during those 9 months as three days after giving birth, my OM's returned. Which was frustrating.

My cure

I found out that I was on the verge of becoming anemic. I was prescribed Iron and Folic Acid tablets by my Doctor as my Iron and Ferritin levels were extremely low. When I was pregnant, I also took Iron tablets daily, so this made me think, what if?


I have been on the iron tablets now for an entire year, having my levels checked every three months and I am delighted to say my last Ocular Migraine was also a year ago. Having my natural health back is wonderful. I linked the two together, perhaps I was slightly anemic all these years which caused my Ocular Migraines (flashing lights). If you are experiencing Ocular Migraines, talk to your Doctor, perhaps a Vitamin Deficiency could be linked to yours as it was to mine.

Love and Light.

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