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Seeking Help For Migraines
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Migraines. They are debilitating not only because of their ability to strike mind numbing pain into a person’s body at a moment’s notice. They also come with other symptoms like auras, vertigo, nausea, vomiting, a low tolerance for noise, smells or light, sometimes even the loss of use in parts of your body. There are hundreds of other symptoms, all of which can decrease a persons ability to speak properly, remember the slightest detail of information or even function as they “normally“ would.

I like many others suffer from migraines. I have had them for over twenty-three years. I have always felt alone in this. I couldn’t part take in many of the normal activities that others could. My migraines started when I was 12yrs old. I was the honor role kid that played on whatever school sport was in season and watched their siblings afterward. That slowly changed when the headaches started. Today I have a hard time participating in the group sessions in the gym or even maintaining a manager’s position at my workplace. I live with constant pain that no pill alone can eliminate. One of the side effects that the doctors and research papers don’t speak of is depression. You can only survive so long without a support system in place and not think you are crazy.

Many of us who suffer just started out thinking we were just having bad headaches. When they got to be too much to handle, we went to the doctor for help and information. I for one was just told to take some aspirin and get some sleep. This went on for more than fourteen years before I was introduced to the wonderful world of Imitrex!

The doctors today, luckily, know more about what symptoms to look for. Unfortunately most of these doctors are in major cities. If you aren’t in one, you are out of luck. In my current town there are two neurologist. One for adults and the other for children. Both are always booked and it’s difficult to get in. Neither are headache specialists. The closest to me is two states away. There are statistics out there on migraines. Unfortunately, they cannot get an accurate percentage of those with them because it is believed that many confuse them with that of a sinus headache. This is what I have learned:

  • There was an 60% rise in migraine suffers in the 1980’s.
  • 16-17% of the people Worldwide have migraines at some point in their lifetime. That’s over a billion people!

  • Of those who have migraines, 38% suffer 1-12 times a year, 38% suffer 1-3 times a month, 37% get one per week and 11% get them 2-6 times per week!
  • Some of those in history that suffered from migraines are: Thomas Jefferson, Julius Caesar, Mary Todd Lincoln, Virginia Woolf, Sigmund Freud, Kareem Abdul-Jabir and Terrell Davis

    What I don’t understand is why they are so far from discovering the whys and how’s to demolish these incessant headaches that sap out your enjoyment of life. Recently their was an article in Time magazine on migraines. I was excited because I’m one of the 11% and gobble up any information I can get. This article was a let down. It basically explained that due to the overall individuality of each person’s migraine, it is nearly impossible to come up with an overall cure or why it happens. I don’t understand why they even printed the article! Fortunately there are other sources and chat groups on the internet that do help. There are many sites that are extremely helpful to those who suffer and to those who know someone that has migraines. You aren’t alone.

    To those who suffer, I wish you luck in your search for knowledge….

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I'm so sorry you have these frquent headaches. For me, I recenly started having them when I yelling at my kids or when I'm very stressed out in school. This was about 3 months ago. My blood pressure was high because of it, thats how I know, because of my heachachs. I realized the pattern by taking notes of when it happens, so maybe you could try that and see why you're having these headachs.

  about 1 decade ago
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