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What To Do If You Have A Concussion - Help Yourself Out!
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What to Do If You Have A Concussion   -   Help Yourself Out!

Here's what to do if you have a concussion:

  • Go to the doctor to make sure you are, indeed, concussed. Better safe than sorry to make sure something else isn't going on if you've had a knock to your noggin.

Assuming you've done this already, a few days have passed, and you're sitting at home waiting for your throbbing headache, nausea, and what-not, to go away - Let's check out some ideas of how to help make it better.

1. Sleep it off. The best thing you can do is sleep. Get over whatever is stopping you from sleeping, like the need to be doing the amazing thing you do out in the world. The time for that has been, will be, and is not now (well, it is now, too, but in a different way). Just chill - even if you don't want to, or someone else says you shouldn't, or you feel lazy and unproductive. If you have kids, see if someone can help you. If you have work, school, or other pressing obligations, take time off. Nothing is more important than your brain, and it needs some serious amount of rest to repair from the blow it had. It's soft, not made of steel like us rather hard-headed peeps like to think.

2. Assuming you gave in and have spent a lot of time sleeping (or at least lounging without doing anything), let's assume your other time is not spent engaging in any crazy late-night binges of alcohol. We get that alcohol effects the brain - so maybe you're feeling more buzzed if you've tried drinking. Hopefully you're not, or at least started noticing how weird you feel after the first few sips.

3. Make sure you're guzzling down loads of water, and staying away from feel tired for a reason - how about trying to acknowledge that?

4. Consider checking out some other options shown to help treat your concussion. There's studies on NFL players and others that have taken some essential steps to support brain health, that resulted in up to 25% increase in many of their symptoms, well after they were originally concussed. You deserve giving your brain it's best chance to heal, and some of the essential supplements for concussions could help you feel better.

5. Eat concussion foods. It just makes sense to follow through with some of the suggestions for foods that help your concussion heal if you want to feel better faster. We know what the brain needs, so find a way to start grubbin' on some delicious foods for brain health.

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