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Abdominal Exercises
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“Ladies and gentlemen step right up and try the all new Ab Blaster 5000! This amazing new exercise phenomenon is the key to getting a chiseled midsection while doing absolutely nothing!”


Sound familiar? If you have watched T.V. for longer than 12 minutes you have seen a commercial for some new fitness gadget promising you 6-pack abs with minimal effort. On the inside you know it can’t be true…it sounds way too easy! But part of you is still kind of intrigued. After all, the girl on the commercial did look pretty svelte.

Trust me I’ve been there. I was millimeters away from buying a one of those ab belts that you wear around your waist and it electrocutes your abs into shape (that sounds safe), but then I realized that groceries were more important than electrocuting myself (at this point in my life anyways).

That may not have been you. Your B.S. detector might be way too strong for that kind of gimmick, in which case I’m going to guess you fall into category 2. You are the 1000 crunches-a-night person! Somebody once told you that if you did 1000 crunches every night before going to bed you would be blessed with rippling toned abdominals.

They might have been right, you’ll never know because honestly who the heck would ever do 1000 crunches before going to sleep? Not this guy. I’m more likely to eat 1000 Cap’n Crunches before going to bed. You too?

I don’t want you to dwell on the what-ifs of the past any longer. I can tell you right now that there is no secret ab machine that will rid you of your muffin top, and doing 1000 crunches before bed won’t do anything but give you a raging stomach ache all night. Here is the secret to getting abs: You already have them.

Don’t be angry, its true. Under that little (or big) layer of fatty tissue covering your stomach, you have a great looking set of abs. Are you ready to reveal them? That’s where the fun begins. Having visible, toned, ripped abs has nothing to do with the amount of ab exercises you do, and has everything to do with how low your body fat is. The key to a ripped midsection is to lower your total body fat through proper nutrition and exercise.

You can do 50,000 crunches a day, but still eat Cheetos and ding dongs and you will not have abs. Conversely you could eat chicken breast and rice and not do a single ab exercise (other exercise would be required) and have the best abs at the water park (there’s a great life goal).

What kinds of healthy foods do you eat? What are you favorite exercises to do? Go ahead and leave any comments, questions, or challenges in the comment box provided below. Thanks for reading! We look forward to helping you with your health goals! !

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