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Add This To Your Oatmeal
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Add This to Your Oatmeal

Although fiber is not digested by the body it is critical in helping to promote healthy digestion and proper weight control. Fiber is found in most plant foods but whole grains such as oatmeal are regarded as some of the richest sources.

Nowadays, oatmeal comes in two forms: instant and old fashioned. Generally, instant oatmeal requires less cooking time than old fashioned oatmeal and is more palatable in terms of taste. Instant oatmeal can be found in a variety of flavors and usually have ingredients such as sugar and salt added. On the other hand, old fashioned oatmeal is quite bland and tasteless when eaten. It is no wonder then that more people prefer instant oatmeal. However, because of the added ingredients in instant oatmeal, health conscious individuals tend to consume more old fashioned oatmeal. To compensate for the taste many may add berries, sugar and other substances to enhance the flavor. While adding sugar, salt and other ingredients to old fashioned oatmeal do enhance the flavor these added ingredients create problems of their own. It is well known that the consumption of sugar and salt can lead to cardiovascular and other related problems.

Instead of adding sugar to oatmeal it is suggested that a teaspoon or two of honey be used. Honey is a natural sweetener that possesses many health benefits. Perhaps one of its most significant benefits is that it does not substantially spike blood sugar levels to the extent that refined sweeteners do. This is important since spikes in blood sugar levels lead to excess insulin production. Increased high levels of insulin in the system create conditions for insulin insensitivity and diabetes. Additionally, honey has been found to be a great source of energy, particularly in situations where the body is undergoing added stress or strain.

Some findings suggest that honey may also be a powerful antioxidant that boosts the immune system and may also possess anti-carcinogenic and anti-tumor properties. Additionally, honey has been used to fight bacterial infections and for the treatment of athlete’s foot, arthritis and other common ailments.

It is clear then that if you wish to enhance the taste of old fashioned oatmeal, honey is a prudent choice. Apart from being naturally sweet and good tasting, honey possesses many properties that promote personal health and also serves to remedy many common complaints. Honey is a natural food that can be found wherever you’re able to purchase old fashioned oatmeal.

Get all the fiber you need with old fashioned oatmeal sweetened with honey. Now that’s a healthy combination. Go for it!

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