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Adha - Living With 2 Adhd Children And The Reliality Of Adhd
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What is ADHD , ADHD Symptoms and how to deal with it as a parent?

Now , we all would like to be good parents and we all love our children and wish only the best in life for them and hearing it , unless you are a parent , just sounds like something you regularly hear and grew up with. But once you have your own children , it all changes and then you know what I am talking about and the intensity of it all. For those of us who are blessed with normal healthy children, you go trough the normal parenting challenges and hopefully less than those, who are blessed with children who had some form of disability or perhaps those who have ADHD. I myself have two loving children , two boys. At first I could not understand why the kids were so full of energy , never played for long with one toy. In fact they would tantrum for a specific toy and once I gave it to them , they would hardly have had it, or started playing with it , and then they would just want something else or loose interest almost instantly..

My kids were both full of tantrums for the first couple years , but I first blamed the "terrible two's ". For some reason my kids remained stuck in the " terrible two's " stage and tantrums very rapid , regular and filled the days. Some tantrums would be without much reason. Sometimes they would just tantrum for the sake of tantrumming. On occasion at times , I felt like pulling my hair out. . What was I doing wrong? Why were my kids so naughty.? Why did I have so many tantrums to deal with? Why did they never want to share? Why, why , why.? When someone told me about ADHD, I thought , no , my kids are just boys with too much energy and perhaps I suck at the discipline. No my kids were fine, there was nothing wrong with them. They will grow out of it. Denial . When the eldest was six years old , I was called to preschool due to the fact that he was not performing the way he should have. Only then , I took him to a pediatric neuron surgeon to make sure. I got the shock of my life , when the eldest was diagnosed with ADHD. And not just any ADHD , but the worst case there is and he had it in the most severe form. Nice!!! And here I thought everything was fine. I thought I am a "tuff" cookie and I will never put my kids on medicine. No , I can handle it.

Guest what, I am still a "tuff" cookie and a loving mother , but at the end of the day, I could not handle it alone anymore. In fact , while I was thinking I did the kids a favor , I did not.

Now what is this ADHD?

ADHD is a behavioral disorder that affects a lot of school going ages, mostly boys.

ADHD is a common behavioral disorder ( attention deficit disorder) that affects an estimated 8% to 10% of school-age children. Boys are about three times more likely than girls to be diagnosed with it, though it's not yet understood why. Children with ADHD mostly act without thinking, they are hyperactive, and they have serious trouble focusing causing learning problems at school as they will fall behind without additional assistance. They may understand what's expected of them, but they will have trouble following through the tasks , due to the fact that they can't sit still, struggle to pay attention, and struggle to attend to details.

At times all kids on occasion show these symptoms , but with ADHD children this is always present , especially when they are nervous or over excited about something or a particular situation. ADHD in Children will limit and impair their ability to function to their full potential socially , at home and in the class room.

Fortunately with handling and dealing with ADHD one can manage the symptoms of ADHD quite well.

ADHD Symptoms

Attention Deficit Hyper Activity Disorder or ADHD has three types.

The inattentive type symptoms:

  • They do not pay attention
  • They have difficulty with sustained attention in tasks
  • They have visible listening problems
  • They have difficulty following instructions
  • They have issues with organization
  • They regularly avoid or will dislike tasks that requires them to think too much
  • They will have a tendency to easily lose things like toys, notebooks, or homework, clothes
  • They will be easily distracted
  • They will be forgetful in their daily activities

The hyperactive-impulsive type symptoms :

  • They will fidget
  • They will have difficulty staying seated and will jump up or go do something else. They will run excessively and it would appear as if the ‘cannot sit still’
  • They will be very loud when playing
  • They are always busy and moving
  • They talk a lot more than other children
  • They will give you the answer to a question , before waiting for the question to be asked completely and then a lot of times give the wrong answer as they jumped the gun
  • They hate waiting their turn or waiting in line for something
  • They will easily interrupt you while talking

The combined type symptoms which is a combination of both of the above

It can be a bit challenging to raise children with ADHD , but it is important to always remember they these children are not naughty. One needs to understand that they have difficulty controlling their behavior without medication(natural medicine or scheduled prescribed medicine) or some sort behavioral therapy.

Natural medicine and natural adhd treatment is a good idea if you are not comfortable with the side effects of precribed scheduled medicine or if you have teenager currently on adhd prescribed medicine wanting to get off it or perhaps if you are an adult living with adhd want wanting to manage it. Apart from diet there is also several tips and tricks available which really works.

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