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An Asian Flush Remedy - Cherry Picked Statistics VS Scientific Study
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One of the most difficult things about looking for an Asian flush remedy is that you have to shift through a lot of hype. Asian flush is a problem that many people experience, particularly those who are Asian. This problem can be particularly embarrassing and uncomfortable in social situations and this can make people who experience the Asian flush feel very out of place.

Having an Asian flush can result in red cheeks after drinking even just a little bit of alcohol, as well as feelings of dizziness, shortness of breath, being light headed, headaches and even in some cases unconsciousness. These aren’t particularly nice effects to feel when you are simply trying to have a nice night out or to enjoy time with friends, but what can you do about it?

The amount of flushing and other symptoms is different per person, and it is something that individuals may experience after a single drink, or it may take several. This means that each person needs to work out their tolerances for themselves and go from there. In some cases, it is enough to be aware of the problem and not drink too many drinks at once, but for other people, even a single drink can cause the issue, so slowing down isn’t much of a solution.

Although the Asian flush is surrounded with rumors and hype, people have determined what causes the problem. There is an enzyme in the human body known as aldehyde dehydrogenase 2, or ALDH2 for short, that plays an important role in breaking down one of the byproducts of alcohol metabolism. In many people of Asian descent, this enzyme is inactive and this leads to the flushing that is experienced.

The problem is genetic and there is no easy solution to the problem. Scientists have not developed a ‘cure’ for the Asian flush, so people will need to look for home remedies, or things that have been developed by businesses. Although the flushing is mostly harmless, it is still very detrimental socially, and can be uncomfortable. The problem with some of these remedies is that it's hard separate fact from fiction. Results are often cherry picked, and even reviews on YouTube or blogs are often affiliated with the products. Unfortunately, that is currently the state of matters, and you'll have to sort through these to get an answer suitable to you.

Of course, this doesn't mean you have to be a skeptic of everything. There is no 'scientific' or 'real' solution that everyone can use, so trying different products or recommendations based on what others have experienced is generally what everyone seems to be doing.

One of the most easy to access types of Asian flush remedy is antacids. This approach works to some extent for most people, but it can be frustrating. You need to take the antacids a little while before you drink, and it is very easy to forget to take them, or not remember to bring them with you at all.

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