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Are Cell Phones Dangerous?
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In the times that we live in today, it may seem that a cell phone could be perceived as being permanently affixed to many people's ears. After many years of research, the world's population still can not be sure whether this type of action could cause certain kinds of cancers. Half of the research scientists that have studied this problem believe that cell phones are a health hazard, while the other fifty per-cent believe that there is no danger at all. It is importatnt that we study the facts so that we can determine exactly where we stand. Let's look at the cell phone facts on radiation that we absolutely know and see what really matters.

In some studies it has been shown that the radiation contained in cell phones can actually distort and change the functionality of your brain. This is not some odd-ball study, but one that is found in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

You might wonder how exactly does it change the way the brain works? Research provided at the National Institutes of Health show that as little as sixty minutes of use of your cell phone could change the way your brain uses the sugar (or glucose) in your body. It is not known yet if this metabolizing glucose at a faster rate is actually bad for you, but it is something to think about and to gather more information on. The researchers conducting this study do not even suggest that anyone give their cell phone up, but just reduce the amount of time spent in conversation on them. If your business requires that you spend a lot of time on a phone, it is not suggested that you give up your cell phone and revert to a land-line yet. You can merely find a good hands-free headset, or as a last resort, you could use a Bluetooth device, which emits far less radiation than the cell phone.

If you think of cell phone radiation as a huge threat, you might be comforted to find out that there are vast differences in the dangers of certain radiations. Consider that radiation that is less concentrated, as that from a Bluetooth headset is far less risky and every little bit of space that you can put between your ear and the actual phone, the power of the radiation is reduced even further.

One preventative measure that you can take for safety is to never press the actual cell phone against your ear in order to hear better. A solution to this problem would be to go into a quiet room, keep the cell phone at least one or two inches away from your head.

Your head is not the only part of your body that can be at risk when using a cell phone. In some cases, it has been reported by researchers that even if you carry your phone in your shirt or pants pocket, this could be risky. In any case, just try to keep at least an inch or two in between your cell phone and any part of your person.

Sadly, with the advent of smart phones, the situation is only going to get worse. Technology requires that cell phones become even more powerful and complex, and even stronger signals are required for this technology.

The good news is that there are several additional steps you can take to promote safety with you cell phone. Be sure to wait until your call has gone through before you actually place the phone next to your ear. As the conversation unfolds, you should keep the phone away from your ear as you talk and move it closer when you need to hear the other person. Keep informed of new research and news on the subject and hopefully technology, especially for business telephones, will become safer as the years pass.


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