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Are You Drinking Too Much
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Are You Drinking Too Much

It's been said that one drink a day (especially red wine) is healthy for your body. Research comes and goes and honestly, one drink a day or a few a week isn't excessive. What about when that one drink turns to three or three turns into five on a daily basis.

That seems like a lot of alcohol doesn't it? It is and it's becoming more of the "norm" in our society rather than the exception. There are many reasons of this slide - some fact, some philosophical but whatever the reasoning, it's happening.

I don't claim to have a magic way of stopping the trend. What I know is that after too much alcohol has been consumed, too many people are getting behind the wheel. I am personally guilty of this and you may be as well. Several years ago I had a sobering reminder that enough is enough and I decided to research and use portable breathalyzers.

A portable breathalyzer is simply a handheld device that you blow into that will read your BAC or blood-alcohol content. If the reading is too high, you're not safe to drive. If it's low or zero, you should feel confident that you're not impaired. With all personal electronics, one should not trust them as gospel, however it should give the user an idea that they're close to the limit, over the limit, or well below.

In Austin, where I live, there have been two incredibly public DUI cases over the past year. The first was from an intern in the state's government office who drove home after a night of drinking and hit and killed a pedestrian. She claimed she hit a deer but the jury thought otherwise. She is now in jail. If she had used a breathalyzer before grabbing the keys, I am sure she would still have her job and her victim would be alive.

A few months ago, the county's district attorney (yes, THE DA) was pulled over after driving erratically and had nearly three times the legal limit in her system. She was belligerent, spit, kicked and chastised the officers. She spend a few weeks in jail, plead guilty and her job is in jeopardy.

All of these stories are senseless and disturbing. People drink alcohol - that will not end (remember prohibition?!), but there is no reason why we as a society cannot be more aware of what they're consuming and using a simple, inexpensive device before driving home. The cost of a cab is nothing compared to spending over $10,000 on a DUI conviction.

Use a portable breathalyzer and save a life.

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