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As Nike Says - Just Do It
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The biggest obstacle to overcome when changing any aspect of our lives, including starting a fitness program, is procrastination. It’s hard to make changes because habits are “comfortable”, however, if a change is worth making at all, it is worth making today-right now. Health and fitness changes are, arguably, the hardest to make because the habits we have today are not only comfortable, but they are downright enjoyable.

Consider dieting; presumably we want to change our diet because we don’t eat healthy and that manifests itself in being overweight, out of shape and in poor health. However, we eat the way we do because what we eat now tastes good, and because it tastes good, we tend to eat more than we should. Changing our diet in order to lose weight, get in shape and improve our health means that we may have to stop eating what tastes good and start eating what is nutritiously good for us even though it might not taste as good.

Eating what is nutritiously good for us might involve behavioral changes in our diets as well. Such changes might include altering the number of meals we have, reducing portion sizes, dramatically changing or eliminating between meal snacks and adding supplements.

The good thing about these changes, and what most people don’t know, is that with proper guidance these new eating behaviors can be made without sacrificing taste and without feeling hungry.

Changing our eating behavior (dieting) is not enough by itself. If we want to improve our fitness and overall health we also have to “get active” in some productive manner or other. This means that we have to find some form of physical activity that we enjoy, have time to do and are capable of doing. It could be walking, or playing soccer, or riding a bike, or walking/running on a treadmill, or combining any aerobic activity with weight lifting. The point is, it doesn’t matter what you choose, just do something.

There are only a few basic principles of dieting that have to be adhered to in order to be healthy including but not limited to; eat in moderation, include fiber, eat natural foods, eat only foods containing unsaturated fats, natural sugars and protein. As you can see, if you plan your diet based on nutritional values rather than by taste you have a lot of choices.

If you want to lose weight you have to burn more calories than you ingest! Otherwise, if you adhere to the principles I’ve listed, calories aren’t a major concern.

Fitness is fundamentally the same. What I mean by that is if you raise your heart rate to a certain level (based on your individual body type, health conditions and current level of fitness) and keep it there for 20 to 30 minutes every day you will improve your overall health and become more fit. There are a lot of ways to do it so what you choose is individual to you based on what you can do, what you enjoy doing and what you have time and/or the opportunity to do consistently.

Please notice that the common thread in this article is “just do something”! As you start turning your new diet and fitness behaviors into habits, you’ll find that as well as becoming healthier, more active and more energetic you will find that you actually enjoy and look forward to planning your meals and working out. Feeling good is addictive!

It’s simple, really. If you eat the right types of food you can lose weight and improve your overall health without feeling hungry or sacrificing taste. If you work out at something (even just walking) everyday you’ll improve your overall health and have a more enjoyable life. What you do is not that important – just do something!

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