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Asian Flush Reaction - Origins, Symptoms, Cures
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Asian flush is a reaction that is all too common among Asians, and it can make drinking alcohol very embarrassing, particularly in social situations. Having your face flare up after a single drink or the sip of a drink can be enough to ruin an entire night out, or make you self-conscious for the whole time. This makes finding a way to cure Asian flush reaction very important.

Although it is known as the Asian flush, this flush actually occurs in people from a wide range of different ethnicities. The term Asian flush is used because it occurs most often in Asian people. For example, some estimates suggest that 80% of Asians experience some level of Asian flush. This means that you may be looking for a cure for an Asian flush reaction even if you are not actually Asian.

So, what is the flush?

A lot of people believe that the Asian flush is the result of an inability to metabolize alcohol, or alternatively that it is thought to be an allergic reaction. Both of these beliefs are incorrect and can lead to some false assumptions about the Asian flush and what to do about it. To fully address the problem of Asian flush reaction, it is critical to understand what the process is that causes it.

People who experience the Asian flush syndrome are unable to process alcohol, it's just that the enzyme that is needed in this process is not as efficient as in other people. This is because they have a variant of the gene that is less effective. This means that the impact of Asian flush varies from one person to the next. For some people this means nothing more than a slightly reddened face after drinking (although this can be frustrating in and of itself), for others it may mean that they are not able to feel a buzz after drinking or experience extreme redness and puffiness.

Finding approaches to cure Asian flush reaction may be different per individual. Some people have found that if they use a low dose of medication designed to combat heartburn around an hour before they drink, then this can relieve some of the symptoms. One problem with this approach is that there have been no scientific studies, and the solution has been passed on by word of mouth. This makes it difficult to know whether it is effective, much less who it is effective for.

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