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Avoiding Burnout One Day At A Time
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Today when I was looking for more info on the problem of burnout and stress in the workplace, I suddenly realized that I was starting to get depressed when I began reading lists about causes and symptoms of these problems. This made me wonder about how anyone who is really suffering from these problems at the moment might feel when they are looking for solutions and have to troll through these types of lists. Does it make them feel worse?

Anyway, a few thoughts came to mind. Firstly, I need to find out from people what are they looking for. Is it crisp ideas that are straight to the point? Relaxation courses that are short and don’t take up too much time? Stress management courses? A professional chat forum that is informal but specific? Whatever you may be thinking of at this point, put a quick comment in the Street Talk section and share with us.

I know, for myself since thinking about this problem that I have started to lighten up a bit on myself. I have to be up front and say that I can be very driven and really focused. I am passionate about my work and interests and have strong desires to achieve. These are OK qualities, but in stressful circumstances and work places, experts are saying that these types of people are more at risk of fallout. Hello, is this you too?

Finally, I want to suggest one very simple concept that has developed and that is aimed at avoiding burnout, just one day at a time. Don’t try and find the overall and final solution to burnout which has evolved over a long period. Lets keep things simple and manageable and avoid long lists of suggestions that for the tired and burnt out are too much.

A suggestion is that, tomorrow you will chose one thing that you will approach or handle differently in your working day. It may be that you will have a shorter meeting or you will try not to ‘over think ‘some of your decisions. You may actually chose to take one thing out of your busy schedule. Whatever it is, it will be something that is easy to do and will not be stressful.

Would you try that? Keep it simple but work out one thing that you can do differently then tell us on Street Talk what you did and how it made you feel?

Look forward to hearing from you soon.

Street Talk

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