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Basic Barbell Exercises For Strength Training
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Basic Barbell Exercises for Strength Training

In this article I will list the basic compound exercises someone must have in his workout routine if he trains for strength. Seek professional guidance to learn proper technique, good form always pays off; if you use improper technique you can injure yourself. These exercises are the foundation of barbell strength training, everyone making his first steps in strength should know how to execute them properly.

Here we go:

1) The squat: One of the best exercises and probably the only one you will need (at least in the start) to build powerful legs, is the squat. A squat with a barbell on the back will train your hips, lower back, core and almost all the muscles in the legs. Squatting helps the body build balance and stability. Legs are the connection between our body and the ground, without strong legs the body is weak no matter how strong the upper part is. So, if you want to increase your strength squats are a good way to do it. Always be careful though, knee and lower back injuries are just around the corner if you use improper technique

2) The deadlift: The deadlift is an exercise that you will either love or hate. Deadlifts primary target is the posterior chain, which basically is all the muscles on the back of your body; but it also trains your forearms, core and the rest of the body to a small extend. Always be cautious when deadlifting, use excellent form just like with any other exercise because injuring your back is quite easy with this move. Deadlift is one of the best tools to build total body strength, that’s because you are basically lifting heavy stuff off the ground.

3) Bench press: The most popular exercise, the bench press has its place in nearly every workout, from beginner to elite athletes. The bench press trains your chest, triceps and front deltoids (shoulder muscles), even the biceps get their share from the bench press (they work as stabilizers), especially if you’re a beginner. Bench press trains the pushing movement of your upper body. Just like all the other exercises on this article, it’s a must have.

4) Press: Pressing is lifting the barbell (or dumbbell, kettle bell, your own body) above you. You transmit force from the ground to above your head; it will train your stability while pushing weights above you. It’s a compound move that trains the entire body but uses the shoulders as the primary source of power. Do the exercise with the barbell on the front of you, behind the neck press is a move that requires much shoulder strength and flexibility and is best done when someone is more advanced in strength training.

5) Pull-up: This is the only exception of the list. Nothing builds a strong and muscular back better than the classic pull-up. Lats(Latissimus Dorsi, the “wings”) are the main muscles worked during the pull-ups along with the biceps, traps(Trapezius, which is a shoulder muscle) and of course many more. Just like with the press, behind the neck pull ups is a move for advanced athletes with great shoulder flexibility and strength, avoid them if you are a beginner cause you might get injured.

These are basic moves to build strength and a great physique. I could write many more great exercises that beginners can do but I’d rather keep the list short and simple for start. Always be careful when executing them, use strict form, it’s better if you find someone experienced to show you how they’re done.

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