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Be True To Yourself
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It's the holiday season and it reminds us how lucky and grateful we should be for everything we have. This is not about material things you have, this is about loved ones that make your life wonderful.

In our busy lives we rush around and miss the good things around us. Spouces, children, friends and neighbors, They are why our lives are good. As you grow older, you appreciate them more.

One good thing about living longer is, by now you have had so many experiences,(good and bad) you know what's This is not to be taken for granted. You must continuely work on love.

I remember in my younger years, many things were important to me. My hair had to be perfect. Never go out in rollers. I worried all the time about what people would think. . I would never disagree with anyone.(This left me with out any opinions of my own). I tried to always please other people. I almost lost myself doing this. I used to worry about things that might happen and then I'd think of things I could do to fix these emagined problems. These things came from not having enough self confidence. Having a great husband and maturing, helped me to gain confidence and to value my own opinions. I found out that you don't have to please everyone. People will have to take me as I really am. I have been so much more content, excepting my many faults and gifts. I no longer try to fix everyones problems.

It has taken a long time to practice hands off. Let them solve their own problems. I must also keep some of my opinions to myself when not asked. Some times these unasked for opinions can get you in the middle of a bad situation. Causing more grief then if you kept quiet. If the situation is solved by the people it involves, the matter usually comes out for the better. Never be a nosey-joe. If they want to tell you about their situation, listen, and don't have an opinion unless asked. Keep these situations to yourself, no gossiping . I know of people who were divorced, largely, because of parents interference. If there is to be a divorce, it should be their business, no one elses. I have been married a long time and there has been many dark times, and with out outside interference, we worked on the love and it ended up better than before. Hard times made us stronger .

Life is good. My family and friends actually love me, even though I'm not perfect. What a surprise! Huh? That's it for now, See you again?

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Family bonding and friend gathering is important, have a work life balance. Good article and advice :) thank you

  about 6 years ago

Thanks Shawn, Have been on a time out, but I'm back.

  about 7 years ago

Great advice! We just celebrated 21 years together, and both the wife and I could not agree with you more.

  about 7 years ago
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