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Body Building For Skinny Guys - The First Hurdle
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It’s all in the mind, baby.

One of the biggest stumbling blocks in body building for skinny guys often resides in their heads. No, it’s not that their head or brain is too big for their body, (although some might disagree with me on that) but it is the mental attitude that they carry with them that shapes the way they think. The issue here is the difference between character and personality.

Character is shaped by factors such as upbringing and education, mostly a long term influence on our lives that shape the way we perceive the world. Personality however, is a quick fix solution to the problems that we face daily.

It can be changed by motivational speeches telling you to show more concern for others, or the latest social technique that can help you improve your relations with other people. Essentially, it is a social band-aid to the problems we see today. Here we have identified the problem - long term versus instant results.

Writing from experience, I used to be a very skinny guy that was pushed over more than just a couple of times. While other guys in school were bulking up and getting bigger and bigger day by day, I waited for puberty to come, expecting it to metamorphose me into the Hulk.

But that day never came and I was often ridiculed in school. All the negative comments soon took hold I resorted to learning social techniques in order for me to survive in the world. That did work for a while, but I knew it merely a projection of my self, false and untrue.

Character Building

Now the real story begins. If you are a skinny guy reading this, chances are you would have faced the same situation and problems as I had. There is just one simple rule to everything, “ There is no quick fix for any problems”. Learning the latest social techniques and interactions is just a cover up for the real problem that I was facing. The root of the problem was that I had no confidence in my physical self and the negative comments had already numbed me to a point of zero sensation.

The day I realized the real problem was when I looked at the mirror and saw myself. Unhappy, unconfident and sad. I knew I needed to get to the root of the problem which was my physical image. That was when I took up body building.

The negative comments had already formed the basis of my life and while starting off in gyms, I expected to see my arms becoming huge pieces of meat within a week. When I was still lifting the same weight after 1 week of following a tight schedule and strict diet regimes, I thought it was hopeless and all those negative comments started coming back to me. I had only one thought, “ I’m born that way, so just live with it.” I hated my body.

The turning point came when I read how Christian Bale went from anorexic to buff in just a couple of months. No, it was not the pictures that motivated me, it was the phrase “ a couple of months”. I realized the problem that I faced was not that I had a bad genetic makeup, it was that I like any other guy walking about in the streets, wanted a quick fix to all my problems.

You hear it everywhere, on the Internet, financial seminars, talks that will help you earn that first million within the next three days. Body building requires a long term goal, short term motivations and an attitude to persevere even through periods where nothing seems to happen. Weeks was just not enough for any type of result to show itself, I had to at least give it a few months. The short term motivation that I had was to be able to fit nicely into a shirt that was hanging in my closet. I have never worn that shirt after it’s initial trial run as many people commented that it seemed like the shirt was wearing me instead of me wearing the shirts. The arms were way to baggy for my size but the shoulder length was just fine.

I had my short term and long term goal, now it was time to act on it. I persevered through weeks of training and following a diet regime. Many times I felt like giving up, but the shirt hanging at the front of my door gave me the needed boost to continue. The breakthrough came after 3 weeks of intensive training, where I increased my training load from 28 kilograms to 34 kilograms.

It was a sudden confidence boost and an “aha!” moment that I could never forget. The first hurdle is always the highest and the hardest. Now that I had leaped past it, everything seemed much simpler.

As a skinny guy, you might have been on the receiving end of negative comments that are constantly putting you down. If you think you are happy with adopting the latest fashion trend or social techniques in order to solve the problem, then you are very wrong.

These are just temporary band aids that cover up the real problem, the lack of confidence in your body. Examine the real and underlying reasons shaping your behaviour. Once you have identified the problem, act on it, setting achievable short and long term goals for yourself.

The emphasis here is achievable goals, not instant solutions with visible results within the next few days of working out.

So what can I do?

If you stay true to the schedule and plans while setting for yourself attainable goals, find a source of motivation you are well on the way to a transformation from skinny to buff and changing your life. Remember, there is no quick fix to any problem.

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