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But There Is Nothing Wrong With You
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But There Is Nothing Wrong With You

Constant Pain & Fatigue

Does this sound familiar? Do you have constant pain and fatigue all time? That’s Fibromyalgia for you. Fibromyalgia is a sneaky thing that creeps up and slams you and makes you wonder what is going on.


you start with the feeling of having the flu all the time. You constantly take your temperature to find out you don’t have a fever. So, why are you aching so much? You go to the doctor and he tells you that there is nothing wrong with you. That the only thing that is wrong is you are doing too much, spreading yourself too thin. That can’t be true because you aren’t doing anything any more than anyone else. But, you just let it go and take more over the counter pain medicines.

You take the over the counter pain medicines on a daily basis. You can’t go without.


you are going to bed at your normal time and you just lay there, exhausted but can’t sleep. At first, this is just once in a while. So, you don’t think anything about it. But, then it gets to be more and more. It starts to wear on your nerves and you are so exhausted all the time. This can’t be right.

You go back to the doctor and he runs all kind s of normal tests and finds nothing wrong. Ok! What gives? The doctor tells you, now, that you are just getting older and these things happen. You’re just not buying this. Something is not right. But, what?


you start to look things up on the computer, googling your symptoms. Several things come up in your search. But, when you type in ‘flu-like symptoms, tiredness and sleeplessness, the top things to appear are Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia. Nay! That can’t be it.

The symptoms only get worse and start to affect your work and your relationships. You don’t feel like getting up in the morning because you are so exhausted. So, you start to miss work. You cancel family activities. Now, the notion of you possibly having one of these two illnesses is becoming more real. You seek out more information and reach out to others with these illnesses. You are now experiencing other problems. You find yourself depressed and having anxiety or panic attacks. You can’t stay still even though you are so tired. It gets scary when you start to forget things that were told to you one day and the next it’s gone. People think you are losing your mind or something.


you have had enough and contact a rheumatologist. You hope for answers. The rheumatologist meets with you, talks with you about what is going on and finally does a test. This test is a tender point test. She has you stand. She starts to poke you and you cringe. It hurts to the point of wanting to cry. She pokes you in about 11 to 18 different points on your body. Each time you wince. She, then, steps back and says, ‘you definitely have Fibromyalgia’. This does confirm your suspicions but, yet, you feel at a loss.

What is this strange illness that has taken over my body and mind?

Now, you have to take this all in.

What is next?

How do I cope?

I bet many of you have experienced this very same thing. We will continue to ride through this journey together, learning and growing. Hopefully, this will help those who are just starting this journey.

Continue this journey to learn, laugh and grow together.

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