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Cure Alcohol Flush Reaction - Can You Build A Tolerance?
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Experiencing a red face after drinking alcohol can be very embarrassing, particularly if this is something that occurs before you have even finished your first glass. The way that your face heats up like this is called the alcohol flush reaction or the Asian flush, although you don’t have to be Asian to get it. Many people look online to try to cure alcohol flush reaction.

There is information out there that can help to fix the problem or relieve some of the symptoms, but there are also a lot of rumors. Because of this, you need to be very careful that you find information that is credible and reliable.

The first thing that you need to be aware of is that in most people the alcohol flush reaction is chemical, and it is genetically based. The process is related to a particular enzyme, that plays a role in the breakdown of alcohol in your system. Now having the alcohol flush reaction doesn't mean that you cannot break down alcohol, instead, it means that your body is unable to break down one specific compound that is part of the alcohol metabolism process.

This means that the extent of reaction to alcohol is different depending on the individual, and this is why the flush is barely noticeable in some people while it is a huge problem for others. The genetic nature of the problem means that there isn’t a lot you can do to prevent the issue. Certainly, there are no drugs that your doctor will recommend. In fact, if you ask your doctor, he will probably tell you to just avoid alcohol altogether.

While this might be a simple fix, it isn't a particularly desirable one. So, what else can you do?

Some people claim that you can just keep drinking to build up a tolerance to the flush.

This doesn't work at all!

For starters, it's not an allergic reaction, there is nothing for you to build up a tolerance to. The problem is an enzyme that isn't working properly. Drinking more alcohol will not suddenly make that enzyme work again. People who think that drinking more is a good solution clearly don’t have any idea of what the problem is.

So, how do you cure alcohol flush reaction? There are many products that claim to cure it forever! But such claims are often proven wrong on forums and blogs on the internet.

The truth is that there is no proven cure. There are various natural treatments that have been created in the past few years, but none are scientifically proven to work. Also, natural remedies cannot provide a permanent cure. Most involve pills or herbal mixtures to fight the reaction. Though not ideal, experimenting with natural cures won't do you any harm. Some even claim that use over time can help your body better cope with adverse reactions to alcohol.

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