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Cure Asian Flush Reaction - Allergies VS Enzymes
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It can often be difficult to find a way to cure Asian flush reaction, but remedies do exist. The Asian flush is something that is experienced by many Asians, or Asian descents throughout the world. It varies significantly in its severity and is barely noticeable in some people, while in others it can be so strong that it is even physically dangerous.

At its lightest, the Asian flush refers to the way that people of Asian heritage will turn a little red around their neck and their eyes when they have had a little bit of alcohol. For others this effect is more severe, such as their entire face turning red, strong headaches, being lightheaded or even having allergic reactions.

This is no fun when you are drinking in public, and it can be embarrassing. For some people it can mean that they are uncomfortable having anything to drink around their friends or family. There is nothing wrong with having a glass of wine at the dinner table, or going out for a few drinks with your friends.

It is easy to believe that the Asian flush is the result of an alcohol allergy, after all, many of the symptoms are similar, if not identical. For starters, having an actual allergy to alcohol is very rare, so this doesn’t explain why so many different people experience the Asian flush syndrome.

Allergies are also treated in a specific way, and this doesn't work so well for treating Asian flush. For example, adrenaline or antihistamines are often used to treat an allergy, but this could be a serious health risk if you have Asian flush rather than an allergy.

The Asian flush reaction is actually caused by something entirely different, and this is why it is present in so many Asian people, but not in other ethnic group. The flush is the result of a deficiency in the ALDH2 enzyme. This enzyme plays an important role in breaking down one of the chemicals that is in alcohol, acetaldehyde. The failure to break down this enzymes leads to many symptoms including swelling and redness.

So finding a way to cure Asian flush reaction involves looking for solutions that are specific to this problem, rather than thinking of it as an allergy. If you don't know which it is that you are experiencing, try changing to a different type of alcohol. It is possible that you will not have the same reaction to all types of alcohol.

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