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Cure Asian Flush Syndrome - Tricks, Techniques, & Facts
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The name Asian flush syndrome is a little misleading, because it suggests that the flush problem is something that only Asians experience. It is more common for Asians to have this problem, but I know a large number of non-Asian people who also flush when they drink alcohol. Finding a way to cure Asian flush syndrome is important, and it can really make social occasions much easier.

If it doesn’t happen to you, you probably know at least one person who turns bright red after they have had something to drink. It’s tempting to tell people when this happens to them, but they probably don’t want to hear. After all, it’s embarrassing enough to be flushing red any time you drink, but it’s even worse if the people that you are with keep reminding you of the problem.

One of the downsides about having Asian flush syndrome is that you often feel sick after having anything to drink at all. This means that you have to stop drinking because you feel sick long before you get to the point where you are intoxicated. It can be very frustrating to have to stop drinking after only one or two drinks, while your friends are able to go all night. For many people, the flush is only the tip of the iceberg, and the other problems that come with it are much worse.

For the most part, methods to cure the Asian flush syndrome work for some people, and aren’t very effective for others. For example, many people say that you can keep drinking and gain a tolerance over time. Others find that the reverse happens, and that they did not experience flushes at all when they first started drinking, but they have become more prevalent as time has gone on.

One trick that many people try is taking antacids. This approach is probably the most widely used method of getting around the Asian flush, and it is effective for many people. However, it doesn’t work for everyone. Some people say that they use antacids every single time, and they work wonders. Others find that antacids literally do nothing for them.

Finding a way to cure Asian flush syndrome is a little like the problem itself, it varies a lot between people. Other techniques include spacing out your drinks with food and water, which is practical sometimes, but doesn’t work very well if you are at a bar or somewhere like that.

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