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Different Ways To Diet
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Different Ways To Diet

As we are barraged with all kinds of information on diets, we often get confused and want to try the latest trend. Often we look at television and other sources with wonderful plates of food of fish and vegetables. It looks wonderful on the plate, but do we produce this food on a daily basis at home? To tell you the truth, I don’t eat that way all of the time and most of you don’t either. How should we eat? Moderation in everything you do is the answer. If you can picture your plate of food, one third of your plate should be protein (lean of course), one third should be vegetables, and one third should be good carbohydrates and a little good fat. The plate size at this point isn’t as important as what is in the plate because if you get a large plate, it doesn’t really matter because it is healthy food and will fill you up because of the vegetables and meat.

The different main types of diets:

High protein and fat, high vegetable, very low carbohydrate Lacks variety and constipates many people. Gets boring after a while so people quit. Ketone producing – must be careful with kidney disorders.

High vegetable and fruit, adequate protein. Less boring, eliminates all white flour basically so people go off it.

High vegetable and fruit, more lean and less calorie. Eliminates basically all white flour so people go off it.

Low carbohydrate, higher protein, high vegetable. If doing it exactly, requires counting blocks of food and is complicated. Carbohydrates not as limiting; however, eliminates white flour.

Other online and pre-packaged, now have different diets for different needs. Recognizes glycemic index (how quickly carbohydrates are metabolized) Higher in complex carbohydrates than before.

Which diet is best? In my opinion, the low carbohydrate, high vegetables, low fat diet. Although many diets also have prepackaged food that you can buy. A diet that you can manipulate without counting things is the best. A diet that you can alter to your individual health needs is the best.


Breakfast- Two eggs – egg whites or prepackaged egg white mixture for those on the go ¼ cup raspberries or regular size oats for the complex carbohydrates Two or three slices bacon and a drink. Alternative – Fast food type egg sandwich– take top bread off and eat open faced. Drink of choice- no juices

Lunch – Lean protein source – fish – chicken – not fried Vegetable – not carrots, corn, or starchy A piece of fruit Alternative – Turkey sandwich – take one piece of bread off and eat open faced Vegetable or pickles – no potato chips Drink of your choice – no sugar soda or juice

Dinner – Chicken or lean meat – pop it in the microwave Vegetables – not carrots, corn, or starchy A piece of fruit Alternative – Small lean steak – cut the fat off Vegetables – frozen are fine Dessert – only eat a half portion or fix sugar free dessert

Some more examples: Eat protein with every meal Eat at least two meals with vegetables – or constipation may result Eat complex carbohydrates instead of simple – oats instead of bread Eat only one slice of bread with meals if desired and no fruit for that meal Eat only half a portion of dessert if sugary or fatty Meat or protein size is size of the palm of your hand – length, height, width Fruit or complex carbohydrate portion size is the size of the palm of your hand – length, height, width Junky food is half the size of the palm of your hand – length, height, width Up at night and want a snack – choose complex carbohydrates instead of fruit Buffet – choose wisely because the food tastes so good because of the fat in it

The best diet for you is really a personal choice. Choose the diet that best fits your lifestyle and health needs. Try to decrease calories and when you need to cheat, take half a portion and get right back to eating correctly. When shopping, skip the processed food aisles and get only vegetables or fruit in the freezer section. Diet bars are a good quick meal when in a rush or bind. If one diet doesn’t agree with you, try a different one. Always check with your personal physician first.

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