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It is 4:30 p.m. on a cool, sunny Tuesday, and you are eager to clear your head and relieve the stress of the day. You fight the afternoon traffic, walk across campus, and finally arrive at your dorm, a red brick, three-story building in the center of campus. You swipe your student ID through the security scanner on the door, watch the light change from red to green, open the door, step inside, and trudge up the stairs to the second floor. A moment later, you arrive at room 205--your dorm room.

You unlock the door, open it, step inside, and close the door behind you. You remove your heavy backpack from your back, and it falls to the floor with a thud. Instantly recharged, you hurriedly change out of your T-shirt and blue jeans and into a pair of black sweatpants and another T-shirt. Then you grab your keys, leave your room, and lock the door behind you. You go down the hall, down the stairs, through the lobby, and out the main doors of the dorm.

Outside, the campus is alive with the excitement of the afternoon. Some students sit at tables outside the student union, leisurely sipping coffee and talking. A group of male students runs past your dorm and heads for the field house. You wait until they pass and then go down the stairs to the sidewalk. You begin your walk, walking briskly toward the dining hall. As you walk, you listen to the tidbits of top 40, country, and rap music coming form the vehicles that you pass. Ahead of you in the distance stands the dining hall, a small white building that gleams in the sunlight, and between you and the dining hall is a large parking lot.

You step off the sidewalk and slow your pace as you begin your trek across the parking lot. You watch the ground as you walk. You see coins, pens, pencils, and trash such as flattened soda cans, crumpled paper, and broken glass. You keep walking, enjoying your workout and curious about what else you will find. Then you see it. On the ground in front of you is a ring. Picking it up and examining it, you see that it is a class ring from an area high school. The ring has a name on it. What would you do?

One option is to turn the ring in at the campus security office. Security officers are honest people, and they can return the ring to its owner, you think. They may be honest, but returning a ring to its owner is the least of their worries. They are concerned with keeping students safe.

The only way to make sure that the ring is actually returned to its owner is to track down the owner yourself. Make some fliers. Post the fliers on public bulletin boards. The fliers might say "Ring found. Please call_______." When people start calling, have them describe the ring. The actual owner of the ring will know specifics that the average person would not know. This person will be able to give you an exact description of the ring. The two of you can arrange a safe place and time to meet, and you can return the ring. You will have made an awesome discovery and brightened someone's day as well.

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