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Do Electronic Cigarettes Work?
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Several smokers who believe it is hard to stop have been asking what exactly is the most effective and easiest method to stop smoking. Since I once was a smoker myself, I am familiar with the exact same predicament and I believe there's really no "best and easiest" means to stop smoking because what works for one person may not work for another. Even though I shall not deny the truth that the most effective means or method to stop smoking is by stopping cold turkey but the hard truth will let you know that this technique is not for everybody. Why? Because every smoker is an individual and their reaction to the therapy may differ.

The leading stop smoking aids used now are Nicotine Replacement Treatment (NRT) especially the gum and nicotine patches. Please note that the electronic cigarette are not completely approved by FDA as medicinal Nicotine Replacement Therapy. Although many former smokers say that these electronic cigarettes have aided them stop smoking, myself included but the majority of smokers are still skeptic of these claims and who can blame them. Inhaling nicotine straight in to the smokers' body may cause anxiety and uncertainties and how might you quit a nicotine habit by making use of another item that provides the same chemical that your trying to give up? sounds like nonsense doesn't it?

How do Nicotine Patches Help.

When you go on nicotine patches, you may get a treatment called steps. Each step, is typically from one - 6 weeks, you must use a patch daily with a particular dosage of nictoine When you move from stage one to the next stage, the levels of nicotine gradually decreases. This will continue till the smoker reaches the final levels and will be in a position to regulate the habit and withdrawal symptoms caused from nicotine. and will hopefully take the edge off and enable him/her to stop smoking permanently. But remember nicotine patches will just help you and won't at all act like a magic bullet to quit smoking so please if your serious about quitting then consult your doctor first.

How The Electronic Cigarette Helped Me Stop Smoking for Good

When I Ultimately decided to quit, after smoking for 14 years, I miserably failed numerous times but I never threw in the towel and kept fighting the good fight. Every time I did not stop cold turkey, I felt like my determination became stronger and guided me to make use of the electronic cigarette. Even though I was still a skeptic I felt I had no other choice but to try them. I used the ecigarette and slowly decreased the nicotine strength levels untill I was down to 0mg in nicotine, With the E-cigarette I began on 22mg nicotine strength the first week and the following week I reduced it down to 18mg all the way down to 0mg. It took me about 6 weeks to get down to 0mg in nicotine and I believe that I eventually got the break that I needed because I still haven't touched a tobacco cigarettes for more than 4 months now.

Even though the e cigarette is still not 100% authorized or regulated by health professionals as a NRT (Nicotine Replacement Therapy). I still recommend them as being an alternate smoking option. Even though the electronic cigarette personally helped me and many others to completely stop smoking regular tobacco cigarettes, each and every individual is different, some can kick the habit the old school cold turkey way and others may find that the NRT like nicotine patches or gum helped them. But at the end of the day whatever method you find that works for you to stop smoking could literally be a life saver.

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I really happy to knoe that you stopped smoking.Most of people use e cigarette for all time stay fresh.People choose electronic cigarettes for multiple reasons. However, we found the top 3 reasons people chose to switch to electronic cigarettes to be very compelling. The first reason people choose electronic cigarettes was to take the first step towards quitting smoking.

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