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Do You Overeat When You Get Together With Friends?
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When you go out by yourself, it is often fairly easy to watch what you eat, because you usually have an agenda. You might be shopping, for example. You are looking for the perfect suit, perhaps--one that will "wow" your next prospective employer. When you are out, you are focused on your agenda. When you stop to eat, it is only for a quick bite. You stop, eat, and then go. You usually manage to complete your outing having spent little money on food. That way, you can keep your weight management plan in check.

When you get together with friends, on the other hand, something different happens. You pay attention to the environment. If you go to a restaurant, you notice the atmosphere, the other diners, and the smells and sounds inside the restaurant. It is important to have friends and spend time with them. If you munch while you talk, you might eat more than you plan to. You might then feel embarrassed about having eaten so much, and you regret your lack of restraint when your jeans do not fit as well as they did and you have to wear sweat pants instead. You can avoid eating so much and embarrassing yourself by having a plan. When you stick with your plan, you can avoid gaining weight. What are some ways to stick with a plan to manage your weight?

One way is to plan physical outings. Is there a charity walk coming up? Perhaps you have participated alone in this event for the past few years, and you have decided that this year it would be fun to have people walking with you. Invite them to join you for the walk. On walk day, dress in workout clothing, such as sweatpants and a T-shirt or a T-shirt and shorts, depending on the temperature. Meet at the walk site, join the crowd, and enjoy a walk while supporting a charity. There may even be a meal after the walk for walkers who stay.

Another way is to get together for coffee. A simple cup of black coffee is relatively low in calories and will not cause you to gain much weight. Drink it slowly. Talk while you drink. After your coffee outing, your weight will still be about the same as it was before.

There is no reason to avoid getting together with friends just because you are afraid that you might eat too much. If you have some idea of what you plan to eat when you get together, it will make it easier to stick with your goal. When you can stick with your goal of maintaining your weight, you can wear the clothes that you want to wear, rather than leaving them hanging in the closet. You can also do what you want to do, without fear of embarrassment.

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