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Dry Skin
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Dehydration is caused by the loss of vital skin functions, normaly executed so that the skin conserve its protective system against the agression of exteriors agents or any complications in the enveloping dermatologic body causing dehydration. Dry skin called in the dermalogy medical science context xeroderma is a condition involving globally the apparition of dehydration and could be treated by several methods from the strict care hygine washing to the use of tradional herbs and medicinal treatments .

For keeping the skin body well hydated ,the skin produces specified oils for its irrigation including the epidermis, dermis and the pigmentation skin system for the well constantly evoiding moisture for preventing and protecting the skin under the effects of a certain factors lik sunstroke, dieting and hygienic behavior.

When the generation of these oils reduce, the skin body becomes dry accompagnied by itchy and painful on skin as physical sumptoms.

The reasons that causing reduce of oils skin may be streamed out from the hygienic bath conditions, climatological conditions and also by consuming allegergic medicaments drugs prescribed by a doctor relevant to a specified physical body disorder.

Symptoms and signs could be on any parts of body as arms, face, lower legs,tights which causing itchy sensation letting the body in discomfort situation with constantly scratchy the located itchy point skin body.

Having a hot bath with harsh soap or any kind of hydrogenated oils crealm, could cause the skin to lose its regualted hydration, so it is well recommended to stay way from this bath behavior

Dry skin happens more often in winter when the subject would be in contact with the cold air out of home and also when he washes his face and hands with cold water,also staying in a confine closed space involving hot air could be a predisposisition to get the xeroderma.

The concentred spectrum sun's rays focused on one subject skinbody could make him damage protective proprieties skin signed by dryness with the formation of wrincles and redened and swallowed points on skin.

It is greatly advisible for the persons vulnerable to hot conditions including the relevant impacts on skin body from the sun to take the necessary predispositions like stay, walk or work within shaded area .

Also the consuming of a certain medicaments which are allergic to the constitution of body are expressed physical by the apparition of symptoms in which the dry skin is one of them. In this case ,you have to stop the medication and consult immediately your doctor.

The effects of smoking and addiction to different drugs are harmful and may causing dry skin. Nicotines and components drugs disturb negatively the circulation of oxygen and nutritient elements in the blood and that may consequently affecting the skin causing it to become dry and shape as leather.

The herbial treatment are focused in the using of Aleo vera,Valendar;Comfrey for the purpose to remove dead skin cells and regenerate soft and healed skin after spreading them for a while, the time they get action over it. Also herbial and floral waters are advised for the regualtion natural functioning properties skin.

For the facial dry skin, a facial sauna is well recommended in using herbs,likeChamomile;Lavender,Peppermint. The methode is simple, take 2 to 4 tablespoons of dried herbs with half glass of water,when the component get steaming,put your part affected face closer to the steam for nearly 15 minutes, after splash with cold water and let it dry in the air

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