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Endometriosis Diet
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If you suffer from this surprisingly common condition, you may be wondering if there is a special endometriosis diet which you should be following. There is no doubt at all that a healthy diet can impact positively on our overall well-being, but is it worth trying to go a stage further and select foods which will specifically calm down the symptoms of endometriosis?

It really is worth noting that there are a number of other conditions with traits similar to endometriosis. These include uterine fibroids and ovarian cysts. The similarities are that these conditions are not "caught" but are generally believed to be due to other factors, including diet, lifestyle and hereditary influences.

In many respects, this can make them difficult to treat, as the key often lies within the woman herself, with natural treatment in the form of dietary and lifestyle changes being the best option in terms of a longer term cure without side effects. Of course, these conditions can usually be managed with drugs, hormonal treatment and even surgery, but it is important to remember that these approaches do not eliminate the root causes and so relief is likely to be temporary. Having said this, sometimes this is sufficient for some women, particularly those who might lack the commitment or motivation to make long-lasting changes and, of course, those who have medical reasons for needing a fast solution.

Endometriosis Diet-Foods To Include

There are a number of studies which have been carried out which suggest that eating the right kinds of foods can help in all kinds of ways, including rebalancing hormone levels, detoxification and to calm down the inflammation associated with endometriosis. In general, try to ensure that your foods are mainly organic, as this cuts down on the levels of undesirable chemicals and toxins which might be stored in the liver which can "fuel" the condition somewhat.

One factor in the development of endometriosis is an imbalance in hormone levels. In particular, an excess of estrogen is implicated and therefore your endometriosis diet should include foods which help to address this imbalance. One good food group is those which include natural plant sterols as these can help block the action of estrogen. Foods in this group include apples, dark colored berries, beans, nuts and pulses.

Eating more Omega 3 Fatty Acids can help with inflammation. You should try to include oily fish in you diet such as salmon and sardines at least twice a week. Other foods which are rich in Omega 3 include walnuts, flax seeds and evening primrose oil (which can be bought in gel capsule form).

Another nutrient which can help and should form part of your diet if you have endometriosis is Magnesium. This little-known about nutrient can help women who suffer from severe cramping during their periods as it helps to relax the muscles. Foods such as dark green leafy vegetables, nuts and wholegrains are magnesium-rich. Although Magnesium is extremely important for endometriosis sufferers, in general, it is well-known that people who eat the right nutrients tend to have a stronger immune system and so it could be worth including a good all round nutritional supplement in your daily routine.

Of course, it goes without saying that when following an endometriosis diet, you need to know which foods to avoid. You are probably not surprised to learn that the main culprits include sugar, animal fats, additives, preservatives, caffeine, alcohol and processed foods.

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